Adventures of the Catawastes


“Wheres the basement door?!?” He then proceeds to run outside whistle and wave Momo and Helena over before running back in before running back inside to get a biker to point him the right way


Momo and Helena run after Litppunk and stand, weapons at the ready in front of the door

Biker 5: “it’s right there in the cor-”

an enormous dog head breaks through the floor boards and bites biker 5’s entire lower body

Biker 5:“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Biker 5’s legs are crushed, a torrent of blood spewing forth

a horrid amalgamation of flesh begins climbing and breaking the floor, a cacophony of barking and howlings, with a single voice that emerges from all mouths


The creature is as large as a semi truck, its limbs flailing unrhythmically, its flesh squirms and writhes, its many heads and eyes scanning the environment, despite the chaotic mess that it is, it somehow can coordinate its movements and move with a single purpose

most of the monster’s body is still in the basement

Biker 1:drops the tool box and jerry can “what heve you done!?”

Biker 2 and Biker 3, run to the front, guns drawn and gaze in horror at the monster

[glow=black,2,300]Benedict the abomination[/glow] swallows Biker 5, crushing him with its teeth {Biker 5 has been struck down}

Biker 4: fires his UZI at Benedict, the bullets hit its body, the monster seems unfazed

[glow=red,2,300]Brian the mutated dog[/glow]:leaps at Benedic biting it with the full length of his jaw at one of Benedics necks, the monster howls and screams in pain {Brian has latched on firmly!}


Everyone keep your distance. Shoot the heads. (Lit begins firing)
Call the dogs off if you don’t think they’re agile enough I don’t think they’ll slow it enough to make a difference


[spoiler= space conservation ahoy!]

Litppunk fires his DMR, it hits Benedicts 4th head, the head goes limp, Benedict Screams in pain!

Momo:mutters under his breath “you bastard, its is your doing…” Momotaro pulls a large sharp spike from a fold in his armor and drives it into Benedic’s body

Helena:lights and tosses the nail bomb into the opening in the floor

[glow=red,2,300]Brian the mutaded dog[/glow]:pulls violently, tearing Benedic 3º neck’s skin!, several veins were torn

[glow=black,2,300]Benedict the abomination[/glow]:Shakes its entire body violently

{the cabin rumbles!, Brian is unable to hold on and is sent crashing through the east wall}

[glow=black,2,300]Benedict the abomination[/glow]:Swipes with one of its many paws at Biker 4, Biker 4 is propelled away by the force of the blow!

{Biker 4 crashes through the west wall, the cabin rumbles further}

Biker 1:“its gonna crash on us!” Biker 1 jumps through one of the windows in the kitchen

The nail bomb explodes!, nails and shrapnel perforates the monster’s lower body

Momo:“we got to go outside, or the ceiling will fall on us!”

Biker 2 and Biker 3 step back and draw their guns

{forces remaining

Mad Dogs: Biker 1, Biker 2, Biker 3, Biker 4 {serious concusion}, Brian the mutaded dog {concusion, wood spintlers in torso} Slash the mutated dog, Eric the mutaded dog.

Litppunk&company: Litppunk, Momotaro, Helena

[glow=black,2,300]Benedict the Abomination:[/glow] 1º head, 2º head, 3º head{bleeding from neck}, 4ºhead {limp}, Body {minor bleeding, metal spike stuck in}


Benedicts 4º head squirms lightly

(1º means first, 2º means, second, 3º third and so on, I’m not really sure how you would do it there (1st, 2scn, 3th, 4th?) so I put an explanation here to avoid confusion (hopefully) Also, despite having two jaws, I counted the left head(in the drawing) as one since they are joined together, the heads are counted from left to right, so the head, I mentioned is 1º)[/spoiler]


(usually its done 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th (n)th… but english speakers acknowledge that this is a wierd quirk and that just requires rememebering I kinda like the ^o degree symbol better anyways even though thats usually used as a symbol for angles [this keyboard/OS combo doesn’t like alt+symbols something I need to look into])

“Everyone out” lit calls as he runs for the nearest door, asisting anyone in his way. then circles around to where he thinks it most likely to exit after the building collapses

(btw your maps are awesome how do you make them? they are so custom)


(The maps, I decided to make some maps to try to reduce confusion, so I googled for a free mapmaker and found this: its pretty neat!)

As everyone gets out, the monster tries to climb out and the cabin collapse on top of it!

Helena:“I don’t think that will hold it for long”

the monster tosses logs aside as it pulls itself out from under the rubble

Momotaro presses a hidden switch!, the metal spike’s C-4 core detonates!, causing a small explosion within the monster’s body!

{a chunk of Benedic’s lower body explodes!, the basketball sized wound is now gushing blood}

[glow=black,2,300]Benedict the abomination:“AAAARRRRG!!”[/glow]

Biker 2 and 3 full auto shoot their guns at the monster, the monster body is riddled with small caliber bullets!, heads 1 and 2 are hit by the bullet spray!

[glow=red,2,300]Slash and Eric the mutated dogs[/glow] charge at Benedic and bite its body with full force! they latch on firmly

Helena:takes aim

{forces remaining

Mad Dogs: Biker 1{laying prone}, Biker 2, Biker 3, Biker 4 {serious concusion}, Brian the mutaded dog {concusion, wood spintlers in torso} Slash the mutated dog{latching on}, Eric the mutaded dog{latching on}.

Litppunk&company: Litppunk, Momotaro, Helena

[glow=black,2,300]Benedict the Abomination[/glow]: 1º head{minor bleeding}, 2º head{minor bleeding}, 3º head{bleeding from neck}, 4ºhead {limp}, Body {major bleeding, mutaded dogs latching on, laying prone}


Benedict’s 4th head’s nose begins drawing air


Call the dogs back everyone get clear of it! litppunk shouts taking careful aim so as not to hit the dogs and firing, before taking several steps back jogging backwards to a good distance before taking aim and firing again.


Litppunk fires his DMR the bullet hits Benedic’s 2nd head piercing the left eye!

Biker 2 and 3 reload their guns

Biker 1: stands up “[glow=red,2,300]Eric[/glow], [glow=red,2,300]Slash[/glow] get back!”

[glow=black,2,300]Benedict[/glow]: stands up, the mutated dogs still holding on, Benedict’s 1st head bites Slash’s torso trying to pull him off, Slash won’t let go, the 1st head pulls harder, Slash gets pulled off taking a chunk of Benedict’s body with him!

[glow=red,2,300]Eric[/glow] listen’s to biker 1’s command and stops biting and gets away from the monster

[glow=red,2,300]Slash[/glow] turns his body and bites Benedicts 1st head on the side, tearing apart the left cheek!

Litppunk fires his DMR it hits Benedict’s 1st head grazing the skull!

Benedict’s 1st head howls in pain, dropping Slash from its jaws

Helena:*fires her silenced Sig Sauer pistol, it pierces Benedict’s 1st head, through the mouth and up to the back of the skull fracturing it (imagine a diagonal line passing through the ceiling of its mouth and also the very back of the skull)

Benedict’s 1st head goes limp

Momo:fiddles with his armor

Benedict’s 4th head stands back up and howls!

{forces remaining

Mad Dogs: Biker 1, Biker 2, Biker 3, Biker 4 {serious concusion}, Brian the mutaded dog {concusion, wood spintlers in torso} Slash the mutated dog{major bleeding}, Eric the mutaded dog.

Litppunk&company: Litppunk, Momotaro, Helena

Benedict the Abomination: 1st head{serious bleeding,Limp}, 2nd head{bleeding, impaired vision}, 3rd head{bleeding from neck}, 4th head {minor bleeding}, Body {major bleeding}


continues to fire

(XD it just doesn’t die very well)


Litppunk fires his DMR if hits Benedict’s 2nd head cracking the skull!

Benedict’s 2nd head goes limp

Biker 2 and 3 full-auto fire their SMGs, Benedict’s body is riddled with small caliber bullets! further more the bullet spray hits Benedict’s 1st head and 4th head!

Momotaro pulls a large block of C-4, charges at Benedict and jams the C-4 in the hole opened by the metal spike’s explosion and back flips back to his original position

Momo:“Everyone gets back!”

[glow=black,2,300]Benedic the abomination[/glow]:tries to take the C-4 off, clawing at it, but its paws are too distorted and unwieldy for such a task

Biker 1 jumps away and assumes a fetal position, Helena runs and jumps away covering her head, the mutated dogs run to Biker 1 , Biker 2 and 3 look at each other and haul ass in an inelegant manner, Litppunk is already a safe distance away and turns his back to Benedict

*Momotaro presses a hidden switch! the block of 3kg of c-4 detonates from within Benedict! sending a shower of gore everywhere!! *

every living thing and object in a radius of 60m is now covered in blood and guts

{Benedict has been struck down}


Biker 1:looks up “is… is everyone ok?”

Biker 2:wipes chunklets of Benedict, from his face “I will check on Carl” runs toward Biker 4

Biker 3:Squeezes his long luscious hair like a piece of cloth and a lot of Benedict’s blood comes out “I will check on Brian!” runs toward Brian the mutated dog

Helena:gets up “aw gross!” starts wiping her back

Momo:shakes his body like a dog… Slash and Eric do the same

(given what you did with Brute and the needle, I though that would be something you would do :stuck_out_tongue: )


(wow new forum is weird. Yeah, I got the impression that the dog mutant was rather unapproachable, and rather slow at anything more than a lunge, so keeping distance seemed the way to play it, sorry for the disappointment :frowning: )

Whew. checks around for anyone that needs help Everyone ok?


(wow it’s been a while, got to remember who is who and what they were doing…)

Momo: Strikes a heroic pose "Never fear for JUSTICE!! always triumphs! "

Biker 2: “Carl you ok?” he helps Biker Carl to his feet

Biker Carl: spits three of his teeth “Af shbeen beether”

Biker 3: puts his hand on Brian the mutated dog’s head “you ok buddy?”

Brian the Mutated dog: gets up slowly with a wimper “… Ruff!”

Helena: to Litppunk "yeah… I think every one is fine… but, what was that!?

Biker 1: “That was Benedict… I think, I knew he was getting weird lately, but fuck”

the Bikers shuffle about and start bandaging their wounded, including the dogs

Biker 2: looks at Biker 1 “So what we do now?”

Biker 1: “I guess we leave, as soon as the others come back and keep doing what we were doing before, just cruising USA”

Biker 3:“Yeah, we should have done that after the dogs were better”

Slash the Mutated dog: Barks in an agreeing manner

(Don’t worry, you reacted rationally, I really wanted to make that huge hydra dog monster, I should have thought that a smart person would keep their distance from it, there probably won’t be any fighting for a while so I can give more thought to the next encounters… by the way, just because you did a “cool guys don’t look at explosion” thing, does not make you exempt from the shower of gore, your entire back and the top of your head is covered in it :smile:

P.S: I miss being able to change the color of the texts… :cry: )


([color=red]Red text[/color] Ahhh)

Well I guess I don’t need to aks you guys not to raid the neiboring towns then. Have a good ride.
Lit heads back to the vehicle


Helena: “h-hey wait for us!” Helena followed by Momotaro acompany Litppunk

Momo: runs ahead of Helena and catches up to Litppunk, puts a hand on his shoulder and wispers “When we get back, I want to have a word with you… just between us… ok?” his voice is serious and devoid of emotion

The Mad Dogs wave goodbye as the group leaves

(you will be heading back to Belfast immediately then?)


“Actually I guess We should scavenge for useful items first. I doubt they are taking everything with them, and I am lower in supply on some things then I would like to be. OH, and we should check for anything that might belong to the townspeople too.”

Lit walks back through the group and pokes around the abandoned stocks

“set anything you guys want for yourselves aside, then I’ll do the same and we’ll pile it all together and cart it back.”


As you and the group rummage through the ruins of the cabin most of the contents are drugs: cocaine (20Kg), marijuana (50Kg), heroin (2Kg)

but, there is also some junk food: potato chips (about 30 packs), french fries (10 packs) , canned ready to eat spaghetti a Bolognese (10 cans), canned sausage and bean meal (5 cans), microwave pizza (10 packs) also bags of dog food… the good stuff (3 20Kg packs)

Looking in the hole that must have been the basement there are Jerry cans of gasoline most are damaged and leaking from the fight but, 2 cans are in good condition

on the corner of the basement there is a partially smashed wardrobe, inside of it there are many… many dirty magazines, they are practically pouring out of the wardrobe, all kinds of kinks are displayed from the common to the bizarre, while you would get many judgmental looks from your peers none of the magazines depict anything that would be considered illegal by the pre-cataclysm law.

on the ruins of the garage there are shelves with spare parts for vehicles: fan belts, spare batteries, spare tires and wheels and carburetor, but also some assorted small caliber ammo: 200.9 rounds, 130.45 rounds and 30 12. gauge shells

anything else was either crushed by the cabin collapse or the monster’s rampage

Helena: goes to the basement to check round, when she sees the porn stash she looks over her shoulders and when she sees that the group is not looking takes some of the magazines and hides them in her jacket, she then takes the Jerry cans and climbs out of the hole “hey Litppunk does your ride drink gas?” her face is a bit flushed

Momotaro: he looks around but sees nothing of interest to him so he will just help Litppunk with whatever he decides to take


“Its rigged to take either or electric if I think I need to be more quiet than ‘wake everything in a mile radius’ Looking forward to upgrading to plutonium or some such next chance I get. We’ll take the ammo the parts, and the canned and packaged meals.”

He then casually sorts through some of the more classic style magazine and picks some out and stacks the ‘more desirable’ of them in a pile. He pauses before getting a mag or two from some of the fetishes. Briefly flipping through them and doing making various ‘thinking’ faces spending almost as much time looking up in the corner of the room and rubbing his chin as looking at any of the images.

When hes done he holds one modest stack under each arm. thowing a wink at Helena he says "Its a time of adapting. Being rigid in thought is of little help to anyone anymore, entertainment is scarce, and gesturing to the fetishes you never know who you’ll meet on the road or what they’ll need in this lonely new world. I’d rather make an odd friend than no friend. Some of em might even come to ‘grow on me’ Who knows. World defies common logic and seems to change the rules around every corner best be prepared for anything.

Speaking of which…
packs 10 kilo of marijuana, 5 kil cocaine and 2k of heroin.

some of this might be handy for recipes, or to help someone detox in a controlled manor.


Helena: after Litppunk’s remark “I-I don’t know what you are talking about!” she looks away, red all the way to the ears

the two help Litppunk gather his stuff and pack it in the RV

(they are ready to go when you want to head back to Belfast they will be ready)


Once everything is packed away, and the drugs locked away. Litppunk starts getting peppy. OOOOokay off we goooo. :smiley: Litppunk throws on the most random assortment of high tempo music and starts jamming out as he drives. throwing in dance moves that seem like they shouldn’t be physically possible while driving.


Helena has a smile on her face, swaying her head lightly to the tempo of the music… Momotaro on the other hand watches Litppunk’s dance as he drives with dread in his eyes holding on to his seat as hard as he can

Arriving at Belfast the guards wave to the party, the Bearded Biker and Biker Greg are tied up underneath a tree, as Jane sees them she runs to the front of the settlement

Jane:“You are back!” she is bouncing with joy

Belfast Sniper: Aproatches the RV “So how did it go?”