Adventures of the Catawastes


Lit grabs a jar of the rejuivinative stuff and tosses it back to him. Stuff tells your body to regrow lost parts using stem cells and pig bladers. Won’t regrow heads, or revive the dead, just tells your body not to scab over but to heal like its growing it for the first time. So sorry no sexy scars. gives apologetic smirk and shrug to Helena

crouches in front of Helena

And where did they find a scraggly scrappy silly shy survivor like you Jane?


Jane blushes and hides further

Helena:Chuckles “We found her a few weeks ago, wandering the roads alone” she looks sadly at Jane “her mother was taken, so-”

Momo:“So we vowed that we would find her! and deliver righteous justice to whoever took her!” He puff his chest with pride, and looks with a big grin to Jane (you can’t see it but you can tell he was grinning)

Jane smiles a little and nods

Momo:Momo then examines the jar and his grin vanishes, he then looks at Litppunk and asks with a very serious tone of voice “Where did you get this?”


still crouched looks up at momo

“heard of something along the lines before the war, was exploring a lab when I came across it. Aparently they’d found an old sample or notes or something and were using it as a baseline to make more extreme versions and were trying to use it in combination with mutagen and such. That was one of the only jars they had made with the old recipie. I’ve got their notes and have been working on making versions that can accelerate growth speed of injured areas, a sort of battlefield version if you will along with other things.”

“looking at jane again. because no one should have to lose family right Jane, Even just a little bit of them”, he says wiggling a finger.

Looking at Helena: “You planning on letting her figure it out organically?”


Momo:his serious demeanor disappears as quickly as it came “Oh!, that makes sense, where else would you get something like this…” he laughs a bit before opening the jar and taking just a fingertip of the… stuff and rubs it on his gunshot wound, he then closes the jars and hands it to Helena for storage

Helena:After Litppunk asks her his question “Actually Taro thinks he might know where she is”

Momo:“Well, it’s more of a… hunch?” he tilts his head "I guess that is what you would call it, anyway we need to take care of these Mad dogs first!, otherwise they will… dog us all the way there! he nudges Helena with his elbow who then sighs in resignation at the joke

Helena:she looks at Litppunk “you can really handle yourself from what I have seen, I agree with Taro that we have to take these guys out, but there’s just the two of us and we don’t have a vehicle, would you be willing to help us? if you do you can have any and all loot we get… if that is not enough we can negotiate a better deal”

Momo:yells toward the Sniper of Belfast “hey!, can we leave her with you guys until we come back?” points at Jane

Sniper:“Sure! she can play with Will’s kids, right Will?”

Will Belfast’s Guard 1:“After helping us like you guys did, it’s the least we could do!”

Jane:she looks at Momo with a concerned look

Momo: looking at Jane “Don’t worry, we always came back right?, have faith in the SAMURAI OF LOVE! and his trusted sidekick” he slaps Helena’s back in a playful manner


Jane laughs

Momo:looks at Litppunk “Well, what say you brave warrior?”


Sounds good. You ready to leave?


Helena:“yes we are!” turns to Jane “you will be safe here so be good, ok?”

Jane:nods “You too Momo be good, ok?”

Momo:“I promise!”

Jane then nods and walks toward Belfast

Will Belfast’s Guard 1:looks at Jane “I think my daughters are about your age, they are twins you know”


Will Belfast’s Guard 1:nods “Identical too, but don’t tell them I said that, they will pout if you do” he says with a kind smile on his face

{Belfast Guard 2 finishes tying up the Bikers}

Belfast Guard 2:“All right, you two will stay right here until we figure out what to do with you”

Helena:turns to Litppunk “we are ready whenever you are”

(they will get into your vehicle automatically, so as soon as you go I will begin describing the next “zone”, if there is something you want from them just ask)


Alright let me show you around.

Litppunk then begins darting around pointing and showing things off in a rapid pace barely making sure they have seen the various things and what they do.

Safety measure here, that pops open for a shooting port, here is the spare beds, sorry if the fold out makes it a bit cramped… but you can always put them up when your not sleeping, the divider here is bullet resistant and usable to fire out the door like I did with the bikers, heres the release for the drones, select a location like so… or preferably a group of targets like so… the turret targeting uses the same system. Kitchenette here, make sure you know what your picking up because that is my lab right next to it, food in here… medicine here, my more experimental stuff there, hard points here, here, and here… and…(continues for a little while)
…and if you need anything, help yourself, you not sure about anything just ask.


Helena:“uh… no, we are good” she says with an astonished look on her face, as she surveys the vehicle

Momo and Helena take their seats, Momo pulls a magazine about music and begins flipping through it

As you drive off following the road south of Belfast there comes a point where you see motorcycle tracks coming out of the woods.

Helena:“this must be the trail they take to their base”

Momo:looks up from his magazine “oh?, we are here already?”

Bike tracks lead in and out of the woods, the trail in question looks wide enough that smaller vehicles like motorcycles or even quad bikes would be able to get through with minor difficulties, anything wider would have to crush all the trees on the way

Helena:looking at Litppunk “Well, if we go on foot you better take what you feel will be good in that situation”

(I assume you were just going to leave next, They will follow you automaticly out of the car, so no need to wait for their response)


Hmm, we could just use the bumper to widen the trail, or knock the trees down and make our own, but I think SOME subtlety would be better. Let me just find and alcove, or make one to pull into so the UAV isn’t so readilly visible to anyone on the road. Then, unless you guys have a better plan, we’ll parallel their bike trail on foot, you guys want any armaments before we go? Im going to grab a couple flashbangs, heres some hearing and eye protection if you want it.


Momo:“No need stranger who has yet to introduce himself, I have all the weapons I need right here” pats his chest

Helena:“I have my sig, a few extra clips for it, 3 frag grenades my bowie knife and a nail bomb, so I’m good to engage anyone in medium to close range and clusters of them so I think I’m good given the situation, we are ready when you are”

(Helena’s Sig Sauer Pistol is silenced and has a red dot sight)


Alright… OH, I don’t think I’ve introduced myself yet. I’m Litppunk shakes hands And i’m going to grab a silencer too now that I think about it.

(proceeds to head out, just keeping the trail in sight)


As the group moves parallel to the trail, it becomes noticeable that the dirt is very soft as if recently moved, further up the trail a faint noise can be heard


Followed by howls that are much louder


Continue moving through the trail the group stats to notice large paw prints in the dirt, they are about the size of a human head

Helena:wispering “I never saw paw prints this large before…”

Momo unsheathes his katana

From the distance a clearing can now be seen

From your position you can see 3 Bikers partying around with 2 Mutated Dogs near the parked motorcycles

[spoiler=Bikers]They have leather jackets and pants, boots and are carrying SMGs (Tec-9 and Uzis)

They are about the size of horses, their eyes are sunk into their skulls, most of their fur has fallen off, their teeth are about the size of an adult human finger[/spoiler]


looks like we may need to hush puppy this, those bikers have got mutant dogs we’ll need to take out first.


Biker 1: " ?, what is the matter Slash?"

[glow=red,2,300]Slash the mutated dog[/glow]: begins sniffing the air, growls

Biker 2: looking at Biker 3 “I think he smelled something, what is it boy?, a squirrel?”

Biker 3: “Eric smells something too!”

[glow=red,2,300]Eric the mutated dog[/glow]: Sniffs the air and starts walking in the direction of the group

the Bikers look amused, the Dogs are sniffing around

Helena:Quietly takes careful aim at the closest dog’s head

Momo: gets in a ready position


whispers “stay down, im going to try something, if everything goes pear shaped I’ll distract them, then open fire.”

He then sneaks back to the path and walks down it like he’d been on the path the whole time.

Ahoy the camp. Can’t tell you how happy I am to see people at a time like this. You wouldn’t happen to be willing to free me of some of my inventory in exchange for a spare radiator hose, a patch kit and some water would you?


[spoiler= All in Spoiler so it will take less space][glow=red,2,300]Eric & Slash[/glow]:Begin Barking

Biker 1:“Easy boys!” to Litppunk “Why?, your radiator got wrecked?”

Biker 2:“what kind of an ass doesn’t take good care of their car parts!”

Biker 3:points to Litppunk “that kind apparently”

Biker 1:"hehe… Benedic should handle that… turns to Biker 3 “where is he anyway?”

Biker 3:“Still in the basement”

Biker 1:“He is still there!?, what the fuck is he doing that is taking so long?”

Biker 3:shrugs “He just went in there with some of the dogs and hasn’t come out”

Biker 2:"… you don’t think he is…"

Biker 1:"…I-I don’t think he loves his dogs in THAT way!.. Probably…"

Biker 3:“ever since those guys have given the dogs those injections he has been eyeing the dogs in a… weird way”

Biker 2:“I tould you that giant dude would be a bad influence on him!, I swear I saw him give Bene some weird box!, it had all these warnings and shit!”

Biker 1:“Weren’t those just more injections?” turns to Litppunk as he just remembered something "OH, shit my bad forgot about you, sure we always keep spares, come with me to the garage and I will set you up… turns to Biker 3 as he walks “Where is Jason and his guys still not back yet?”

Biker 3:“You know Jason always takes the scenic route, don’t worry, they will be back, Belfast is just a bunch of pushovers he is fine”

{Helena has a perfect shot to Eric the dog’s head}

Momo: Momotaro Fiddles with his armor[/spoiler]


Oh good. I cant tell you how good good it’ll be to have quality parts again. Ol Betsie’s been naggin me to to get her somthin nice, but its just so hard to get quality parts these days, that’ll fit her. Finally threw a fit, trying to tell me she won’t take no more. Bless her little spark plugs.

when they turn around he gives Momo and Helena the “OK” gesture and a gesture to signal that they should “circle around”


Helena and Momo circle around through the woods, and are now approaching the back of the cabin still in the woods for cover.

Reaching the garage there are some disassembled motorcycles, oil puddles and boxes and shelves with engine parts

Biker 1:mumbling “radiator hose… where” picks up a box “there you are!” takes a a brand new radiator hose, then takes a toolbox “we don’t keep water out here so head inside with me and we will get you some water” he heads to the front door and opens the door

inside the cabin there are another 2 bikers plus another mutated dog right next to the door

this dog is as big as a grizzly bear, its jaw reaches to its shoulder and seems to be double jointed, its muscle tissue is clearly seen beneath a thin layer of skin, its nose is missing

Biker 1: to the dog “hey Brian!”

[glow=red,2,300]Brian the mutated dog[/glow]: starts licking Biker 1’s face

Biker 1:“No get off” laughts “stop, I got shit to do”

Biker 5:“Alright, that is enough Brian” spots Litppunk “who is he?”

Biker 1:“some guy whose radiator blew or something, gonna take a jerry of water and fix his car”

on the northeastern corner of the cabin there is a large hatch, loud noises are coming from it

Biker 1:to Litppunk “its in the kitchen, come on”


pets brian on his way by and gives him a treat with a friendly smile


[glow=red,2,300]Brian the mutated dog[/glow]: Barks happily and eats the treat… in a rather awkward manner all the while waging his tail
Biker 1:“there we go”

In the kitchen there are several bottles and jerrycans of water, along with bags of cocaine and marijuana, there is a pot full of potato stew

Biker 1:takes the jerrycan of water and turns to Litppunk “so, where is this ca-”

Suddenly the sound of floorboards splintering can be heard coming from the living room!

Biker 4:“what the fuck!?”

The dogs begin barking in alarm as the whole cabin begins to shake violently, a loud voice coming from below can be heard