Adventures of the Catawastes


(when you said deal you meant you would accept food and other stuff for your med-kits?)

Sniper:“that would be very helpful stran-”

Suddenly the roar of engines can be heard approaching Belfast!

Sniper:the sniper’s eyes widen “the Mad Dogs!, they are coming!”

the people outside, start running indoors, the guards take defensive positions, the little girl looks to the young woman with fear in her eyes, the young woman has a serious expression on her face, the man in Japanese armor is still drinking his… soda?, anyway they remain on their spots


The Bikers are driving closer, now visible in the distance, Howling like maniacs


they are in total 9 Bikers each with their own bike, the one in the middle has a sidecar, in the sidecar is a woman with her arms bound in chains, two of the bikes have chains on their back end linked to a man being dragged around by the wrists

Woman:“Please stop you will kill him!” the woman yells to the biker beside her

Bearded Biker:“That’s the point, love!” he pulls the woman by the hair

Woman:with tears on her eyes “please… stop!”

Bearded Biker:"Sorry, can’t hear you over all this NOISE!! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

the bikers stop around 70 meters away from Belfast, the man that is being dragged is bruised and bleeding, but still alive


Bearded Biker:“Alright, you cunts!, we told you not to come through our territory, but…” pulls hard on the woman’s hair "that CLEARLY didn’t get into your heads!, so I guess we have to show you how serious we are!

the bikers are armed with SMGs ,uzis and the like

(the bikers draging the man were parallel to each other)


(yes that was what I meant.)

Lit turns on the controls for the vehicle mounted auto laser turret and manually selecting the half of bikers on the driver side as targets, leaving the bearded biker out of the targeting. He then grabs the trusty AR-10, opens the passenger entrance side door (like on RV’s) and leans out.

holding onto the door frame with his bracing left hand, while the gun fits nicely into a rounded notch suspiciously perfect for allowing gun movement and starts firing. Picking off the two draggers, and continuing from the inside-out after that.

Meanwhile he screams into the wall mounted radio, which is clearly attached to a loudspeaker system outside. "Surrender immediately, Turn your bikes 90 degrees to the road, brake, and throw your arms into the air. Any who continue will be shot! Surrender immediately.

While he does this, he gets mentally ready to hit the turret kill switch, in case any of them surrender in an unorthadox manor he hasn’t programmed the turret to recognize.


{Dragger 1 was shot in the head!, Dragger 2 was shot in the neck!, Biker 6 was shot in the left eye!, only 6 bikers (including beardo) remain!}

As soon as Litppunks begins firing the bearded man jumps out and behind the woman

Bearded Biker:the bearded biker presses his UZI to the back of the woman “you fuck!, you will pay for that!” he is trying to cover as much of his body using her’s as a shield “If you care about this whore you will come out here and put your hands up!, I have a pretty twitchy trigger finger, so if I hear a startling sound… well I can’t guarantee her safety can I!?” the Bearded Biker is sweating

The man in Japanese armor finishes his drink

Man in Japanese Armor:with a dramatic voice"… such vile tactics… you are truly villainous!" he stands up

He wears an ō-yoroi, a gas mask and a scabbard, he wields a katana

Man in Japanese Armor: “In these Dark times of ours, you who would choose to do harm onto your fellows rather than join forces for a bright tomorrow, you who would sacrifice others for your own salvation!”

Bearded Biker:“I’m Warning yo-”


Biker 3:turns to Biker 1 and wispers “what the fuck is he talking about?” Biker 1:shrugs

Man in Japanese Armor:“The greatest force that will bring light to the darkness of this world, smiles to the face of those who suffer, and life to the land we walk upon!” makes a dramatic sweeping motion with his right arm " LOVE!:heart: "

…a gust of wind sweeps through the battlefield, the Bikers, the woman, the man that was being dragged and the guards of Belfast are in stunned silence…

Biker 2:turns to Biker 4 “…I think the mushrooms I ate are starting to kick in”"

The young woman and the little girl are no longer in sight


Lit hits the cease fire button for the turret.

While the others are distracted Lit pulls out a remote and begins fiddling. On the driver side of the vehicle a small drone car drives off into the woods (its going to circle around behind them once it gets far enough away)

Shortly afterwords a small flying drone leaves at ground level flying in front of the tactical RV towards town (it will get a decent distance away before rising up into the air and coming back to hover over their heads.

Once they are launched lit clips the controller/monitor to the inside wall. Occasionally leaning in to fiddle with the controls he mostly just watches the Japanese man with a bored, but interested look on his face.


(what kind of face is that?, bored and interested are antonyms… so he just looks neutral? :expressionless: )

Bearded Biker:“L-listen cut the Bullshit” to Litppunk “and you come out here right now!”

Wierdo in Japanese Armor:“Your sins will not be forgiven, the only fit place for villains such as you is…” looks dramatically at the Bearded Biker"…HELL!"

Bearded Biker:“You stupid fuck you think I’m joking! I-”

the young woman fires her silenced FN Five-seven from the woods, the bullet hits the UZI in the Bearded Biker’s hand!, the bullet pierces the UZI rendering it unusable!, further more she fires her silenced FN Five-seven from the woods, the bullet pierces the Bearded Biker left forearm! (he was holding the UZI with his right hand)

Bearded Biker:“AHH FUCK!”

the hostage woman throws herself out of the side car and to the ground

the Wierdo in Japanese Armor charges at the bikers Wierdo in Japanese Armor:“Villains meet your FATE!”

The other bikers pull their guns and start firing at the Wierdo in Japanese Armor, they fire in a panicking manner

{the Wierdo receives a grazing shot to his torso! the Wierdo receives a grazing shot to his right shoulder!}

The guard of Belfast start shooting at the Bikers

Sniper fires his scoped crosbow at Biker 3, the bolt hits Biker 3’s head, jaming the skull and piercing the brain! {Biker 3 has been struck down}

Belfast guard 1 fires his remington 870, a few of the pelets hit Biker 1’s upper torso! {Biker 1 is now bleeding from his upper torso}

{ forces remaning:

Mad Dogs: Biker 1, Biker 2, Biker 4, Biker 5, Bearded Biker.

Belfast: Sniper, Belfast guard 1, Belfast guard 2.

Litppunk: Litppunk.

Wierdos: Wierdo, young woman.

Non combatants: draged man, hostage woman, little girl [hidden] }


(Cool :D)

Litppunk starts firing again, going for the biker underlings. The RC drone shoots one in the leg! The flying drone is almost in range.


Litppunk fires his DMR, he hits Biker 4 in the upper torso jaming the fourth true rib through Biker 4’s right lung! further more Litppunk fires his DMR he hits Biker 2 in the upper torso, the bullet pierces Biker 2’s spine! {Biker 4 is bleeding and having trouble breathing!, Biker 2 is paralyzed and bleeding!}

Belfast guard 2 fires his remington 700, he hits Biker 5’s right shoulder! {Biker 5 loses hold of his MP5, Biker 5 is bleeding}

Sniper reloads his scoped crossbow

Belfast guard 1 fires his remington 870… he misses!

The RC drone hits Biker 1 in the knee!

Biker 1 full-auto fires his MAC-10, he hits Wierdo in Japanese armor in the left arm! further more he hits Wierdo in Japanese armor with a grazing hit to the head! {Wierdo in Japanese armor is now bleeding from his left arm}

Bearded Biker:“Fuck this!” he turns his bike around a begins to ride away!

the young woman fires her silenced FN Five-seven from the woods, the bullet hits the Bearded Biker’s motorcycle! {Bearded Biker’s motorcycle is too heavy for its engine!

{The Bearded Biker’s motorcycle is slowing down}

Bearded Biker:“No! Come on!” he tries to rev up the engine, but gets no response

Wierdo in Japanese armor reaches Biker 1!

Wierdo in Japanese armor:“OOOOOOOOOAHHHH!!!” The weirdo in Japanese armor swings his katana, the blade digs deep in Biker 1’s left shoulder! {Biker one is now bleeding a lot}

the force of the blow forces Biker 1 to the ground!

{ forces remaning:

Mad Dogs: Biker 1 [[glow=red,2,300]Extreme Bleeding[/glow]], Biker 2 [[glow=red,2,300]Paralyzed[/glow], bleeding], Biker 4 [trouble breathing, [glow=red,2,300]FATAL WOUND[/glow]], Biker 5 [bleeding], Bearded Biker [minor bleeding]

Belfast: Sniper, Belfast guard 1, Belfast guard 2.

Litppunk: Litppunk, RC Drone, Flying Drone

Wierdos: Wierdo [minor bleeding], young woman.

Non combatants: draged man, hostage woman, little girl [hidden] }

(go it, edited to reflect that)


yes both are running small caliber. Im using DMR. so yeah a marksman rifle.


Lit starts walking over to the bearded motorcyclist. Giving any of the other gang members the stink eye if they look like they might reach for a gun. He holsters the DMR and pulls the glock


Biker 5: raises his good arm to the sky “I Give up!”

{Biker 4 give in to the pain, Biker 4 is unconscious}

Belfast Guard 2 fires his Remington 700, he hits Biker 1 in the chest! {Biker 1 has bled to death}

Belfast Guard 1 makes his way to Biker 5, with his gun pointing at Biker 5 the whole time he does so

Wierdo in Japanese Armor: “HA ha ha, justice always triumphs!” he makes his way to the Hostage woman “you will be free in just a moment!” Sheathes his katana

Young Woman emerges from the woods

she is wearing: a headband, scarf, long sleeved jacket, military utility vest, survivor utility belt, knee pads, boots, and fingerless gloves.
she wields a silenced FN Five-seven

Young Woman:she yells at the Wierdo in Japanese armor “Dammit, you said you would be more careful!”

Wierdo in Japanese Armor:“And I was!, I only got shot once!”

Young Woman:“They nearly shot you on the head!”

Wierdo in Japanese Armor:“grazes don’t count!”

The Bearded Biker stops completly Bearded Biker:“no…no!” he jumps out of the bike and tries to make a run for it

Sniper fires his scoped crossbow, he hits Bearded Biker’s calf!

Bearded Biker:he falls to the ground, then turns siting, now facing Litppunk “Hey now, we were just playing… We-we didn’t mean anything by it… it was just a joke!, so please forgive me!”



Well, you certainly seem to have spooked our mutual friend here, do you suppose you’r mere presence scared him straight? Leans in over biker Or do you suppose we’ll have to put him down for good? looks up at the prisoner lady, Maybe you could tell us if he’s worth redemption? Gives her a big friendly grin as he walks over to her.


Biker 5 puts his hand behind his head and kneels on the ground

Belfast Guard 1:“you have any idea how much pain you caused!?”

Wierdo In Japanese Armor:Unties Hostage Woman “there you go!”

Hostage Woman:She runs to the dragged man “Tom!” she takes the chains off of his wrists, then looks at Litppunk after his question “…Kill him…” *sobs “that is what he deserves!”

Bearded Biker:“NO!, I was just following orders!, I would never do something like this” he is sweating profusily “I wouldn’t hurt a fly!”

Young Woman: she walks to the Wierdo and examines his wounds and takes out a First-aid kit “Just sit down”

Wierdo In Japanese Armor:“Don’t worry about it, the bullet went straight through!” sits down

Young Woman:sighs “I really wish you would stop just charging like that” looks at Bearded Biker “I have a hard time believing you… can’t imagine why”

Bearded Biker:“I-I’m serious I just do what the boss tells me!”

A little girl pokes her head out of the woods

she is wearing a sundress with a sleeveless shirt underneath, shorts beneath the dress, socks and sneakers

Little Girl:“Is… it safe?”

Young Woman:“Yeah, you can come out now”

Little Girl:she runs toward the Wierdo and the Young Woman “…!, Momo you are hurt!”

Wierdo named… Momo?:“Fret not young Jane!, my skin is as hard as my Samurai Spirit!, which is stronger than steel!” he looks dramatically at the horizon

{Tom has light bleeding and bruises, but his condition seems stable}


Hm, It wouldn’t go with the samurai theme but I have a Power armor helm in the truck if you want. Been tinkering with it, but I can put it back together. Got some stuff for that wound too. Dam near magic, won’t even leave a scar. Won’t speed up the healing much more than normal though.

goes to check on the various bikers to see if any can be fixed up easilly. To biker 5. (smiling real big and friendly) Hey. I’m Litppunk. What’s your name?


(you cant wear a power armor helmet without power armor)


Biker 4 = right lung shredded, bleeding, death imminent.
Biker 2 = Fractured spine, permanent paralysis from everything below the neck.
Biker 5 = right arm pierced, bleeding, bullet went through, easy recovery with bandages.
Bearded Biker = left arm pierced, right calf has a bolt sticking to it, minor bleeding.

Momo = grazing wound on leg and head, small caliber puncture in arm, minor bleeding, easy recovery =currently being treated.

Tom = lacerated wrists, fractured jaw, fractured right ankle, light bleeding, condition stable.
Hostage Woman = bruised arms, rope burns in arms, bruised face.

Momo:“I appreciate your kindness stranger!, whoever I made an oath to never remove my mask until this land is once again populated with the flower known as hope and its perfume of peace once again fill the nostrils of the kind people of the world!” gazes toward the sky, the sun shining on his mask

Young Woman:“You made no such promise… and when I met you you used a different mask…”

Little Girl:giggles

Biker 5:after Litppunk’s question “I-I’m Greg, why do you ask?”


patches up the victims while he talks to greg. Well your boss is clearly no use to anyone, probably get a bullet in the head if he continues to be such, which means you must be in charge now. That said, what’s up with your gang that they would try an attack like this? After he sais this he puts a bullet in the heads of those that won’t recover.


Biker Greg:“Boss?, you mean him?” he points to the Bearded biker “he is not the leader of the Mad Dogs, Benedic is, Look, we just used to ride around on our bikes doing whatever we wanted, shooting our guns in the air, getting high, we once set fire to a police station, but there was no one there, the world is over you know?, so we just ride around the U.S. doing whatever, then some of Benedic’s dogs got sick after we found some weird blobs, we went searching for medicine for them, they are part of the Mad Dogs as much as any of us.”

Bearded Biker:“Then we ran into that freak!”

Biker Greg:“yeah!, this huge dude and his flunkies, all big guys with serious firepower, like machine guns and shit!”

Bearded Biker:“They offered to fix the dogs for us, if we did some favors for them, so Benedic accepted”

Biker Greg:“They told us to just cause trouble in the region, shot at people, you know, make noise, in exchange they gave these injections to the dogs and they got better… for a while”

Bearded Biker:“But the dogs started to grow bigger and change, Benedict too, well he didn’t grow bigger or anything like that but, he is a lot more aggressive now, any chance he gets he sics his dogs on folk, just to watch them tear apart people”

the Young Woman finishes patching up Momo

Belfast Guard 1 helps move Tom and the Hostage Woman to Belfast, other people come out of there and begin helping the two.


Any names, did they have an APC, or was there a lady cyborg with them? Where did you meet them?


Biker Greg:“They called him Chicago… I think, and we meet them somewhere up north, couldn’t tell you were though, we don’t really keep good track of where we were”

Bearded Biker:“Yeah, we just went where ever we felt like, so we didn’t bother maping anything, I don’t remember them having a cyborg with them, and they had a big truck not an APC”

Young Woman:“So where are you guys camped now? where is this Benedic guy?”

Biker Greg:“In the forest south of here, there is a trail we use, it gets us close to the swamp we use for water”


Well I’ll see if I can’t help you with your problem. Thanks for the backup you two. I got something for that wound if it interests you.


Momo:“Oh?, what might that be, good sir?, oh! how rude of me we have not introduced ourselves” clears throat " I am Momotaro Genjutsu Kenpachi Akage you may call me Momo the wasteland samurai of LOVE and JUSTICE!, Its my sole purpose to restore hope to this land so that all might live in peace and harmony!!"

Young Woman:“My name is Helena Winters, I’m just here to make sure that Taro” points to Momo “won’t get himself in too much trouble”

Little Girl:hides behind Helena’s back “I-I’m… Jane…”