Adventures of the Catawastes


(Oh, I see now what you were saying, for some reason I thought your character was saying that out loud and not that it was part of the description)

{the former slaves are entrapped by the spell know as home made breakfast}

one ex slave aproaches “well… as long as we don’t do thing the way we did-”

Brian:“We won’t” with a serious look on his face “You have my word on it”

the former slaves look at each other, then one yells “I trust in Brian!”

Then another joins the first “Me too, I believe in Brian!”

they start to nod, and rise in agreement “Our rescuer Believes in him, what need be said!”

Brian:“thank you everyone, I know I can’t be easy to trust us, but thank you for giving us this chance”

Brian looks at Litppunk and gives him a nod and a smile Brian:“I will lead them back to Mount Desert when they are ready, you can take the van and go back, you have your own preparations to make I’m sure”

(Supply your own happy, triumphant music when the former slaves get together, and everything works out)


Lit looks a at brian awkwardly for a second before leaving
(Thats about the same thing the gang was saying about big D earlier)

Litppunk gets back jumps in his own vehicle and heads off after a goodbye to everyone.


on the way to Belfast, Ltippunk stops by the Bunker, the doors of the bunker have been are closed, whoever there is a large hole on the wall, big enough for someone to go trough, the bunker’s walls has been tagged over with spray paint

the word MAD DOGS! can be seen among many murals of rabid dogs painted on the walls of the bunker.


keeping his distance he looks through the whole, before circling around to the door and opening it slowly


Looking through the hole, Litppunk’s nostrils are assaulted with the smell of rot coming from downstairs, the door’s open without much difficulty from the inside.

The walls inside the bunker are much like those outside, spray painted all over.


He goes back to the car and grabs a rocket launcher and AA12 shotgun which he loads out alternating slugs and dragons breath rounds.
(fully auto shotgun with slugs and incendiary rounds)


The bunker remains still not one sound coming from it.


He enters the bunker again checking all the corners before continuing deeper.


The inside of the bunker is very dark, the smell of rot permeates the air, but not one sound is made, save for Litppunk’s breathing and footsteps


He continues deeper. shotgun at the hip for quick access and rocket aimed, ready to be fired or dropped at a moments notice.


{Litppunk’s eyes adjust to the darkness}

at the bottom of the bunker a dozen or so corpses can be seen, they look like they are 2-3 weeks old, the bodies have been torn apart, dried blood is on the floors, walls and ceiling, they have large bite marks that go all the way to the bone

aside from the torn clothes they seem to lack possessions, destroyed furniture would indicate that people used to live here.


he proceeds on, using NV where needed and checking the corners before proceeding deeper.


At one of the rooms the carcass of an unusually large dog is found, based on the its state it died at the same time frame as the others

the corpse is riddled with bullet holes, the dog is about the size of a racing motorcycle, its jaw is much longer than it should be almost reaching its shoulders, the teeth are large and twisted.

It wears a collar that says “Fifi”

More grafitti is in this wall, of note a mural that says “R.I.P Fifi” followed by images of sad looking howling dogs

what ever this bunker had of value must have had looted by now.


Litppunk packs back up and moves on down the road after throwing a sign down describing it as an abandoned location serving as a grave and dated.


You have reached Belfast It’s a large sporting goods store, It has been reinforced where it could, the windows are boarded up, on the roof top of the building there is a sniper perch, there are deep spiked holes dug in front of the windows.

There can’t be more then a dozen people here, they are busy tending to smoking racks and tanning leather, they wear leather body armor and are armed with hunting bows, shotguns and rifles.

the ones in guard duty watch your vehicle with concern in their eyes holding their guns close

Nearby there are three people, a young woman, a little girl and a man in… Japanese armor sitting under an oak tree, having a picnic, the man has a straw poking through his gas mask which he uses to drink from a cup… very loudly, they look like they are having fun.

From the sniper perch a man yells: “State your Business!” at Litppunk

{From the north you hear a man yell “State your Business!” to the northeast you hear Sluuuuuuuurp


trading, and looking for love in all the wrong places.


“Great another wierdo…” the guard replies “Just keep your guns in their holsters and we will trade with you just fine, we have been having enough trouble as is, no need for more”


I don’t suppose the trouble comes in the form of a bionic lady in an APC by any chance? If not I may be able to help. And if so I will certainly see what I can do.

As for trade what are y’all in need of?


“An APC?, oh you mean the one with the awful paint job?, no, they don’t stop here, they just go to Sprague, the trouble we have are the Mad Dogs, they are a gang that has been acting around here lately, riding on their motorcycles and killing folks for fun, normally Sprague’s Tin Stars would have helped us with them but, they haven’t shown themselves around here lately and we can’t go very far from here to ask them for help for fear the Mad Dogs will attack us on the way, they are crazy I would be careful around these parts if I was you”

“As for trade, we could use medical supplies, we have gone through our’s fast, we have leather, furs and smoked meat and fish to trade in exchange”


Hm. I think they lost their dog back in the bunker. I’ll keep an eye out for em, and pass on word to sprague on my way through.