Adventures of the Catawastes


Andrew:“Sure” he reaches into his pocket and pulls a folded map “here you go!” he hands the map to Litppunk

Andrew:“Now about those places: Belfast is more a fort than a settlement, it used to be a fishing and hunting store, a really large one, when the world ended some people ran there, they live by fishing and hunting and rely on their neighbor for protection”

Andrew:“Sprague is the neighbor settlement to Belfast, they have a semblance of law there, a bounty office, its basically a frontier town, with a sheriff and deputies, they might know what is happening around here, but, they might be busy dealing with local raiders and clearing zombie groups that wander too close”

Andrew:“Now Old Town… I don’t know a lot about it other then they took and fortified a mall, they seem rather recluse”

Andrew:“And finally Deblois, it’s a group sent from a shelter far away from here to take control of a ranch, they send caravans of food to them every season or so, those caravans pass through here and head west”

Andrew:“and that is the lot we know about from here, if you want to sleep the hotel still has some rooms that are intact, and if you are feeling hungry, I can fix some kind of dinner for you, it’s the least I could do”

Casey:looks at Litppunk “I would suggest you pass on the food if I were you, Andrew is a smart guy but, his cooking is more akin to chemical warfare then granny’s cooking”

Andrew: to Casey “you guys just don’t have any sense of taste!”

Casey: looks at Andrew “the last time you made dinner Luis, Ben and Brian almost shit themselves to death”

Brian shudders


Wait… belfast is more a fort than a settlement, but they rely on Sprague for protection? I understand that Sprague has something resembling law but that seems odd that hunters living in ‘basically a fort’ should feel they need protection.

sprague sounds like they might have deals with them. Dirty cop sort of shinanigans, might not, but its something to look out for.

You think old town will give me any trouble? I suppose if they are reclusive enough to be suspicious of trade they probably don’t have any deals with the souless bunch. But on the flip side they might be suspicious of traders because the souless bastards have them blackmailed into being a warehouse for their trading.

Deblois 's caravans come through here and then head west? Or do you mean they come from deblois in the west and head through this town going east and vice versa? If they have to pass through here regularly they could have a deal with our soul trading friends. If not they would probably be willing to trade well for an escort. Could be a good opportunity to train some of the ex-slaves and earn some profit. Litppunk laughs They might enjoy being on the other side of the tarp and guns for once, though some of them may want to avoid anything to do with caravans…

I bet the souless bastards base is actually in the north, so they probably either bypass old town and deblois, or they’ve created their own trail to get back over to this raod by the hotel. Either through these fields by deblois, or they’ve cleared this small patch of forest and made a trail to the road that goes by this mine. Might make a good ambush point for later if thats the case. Depending on how far they have to go, they may camp at the hotel itself.

How often do their convoys come through? once a week?

OH, and have you heard anything of a place called arcadia, or New Arcadia? Maybe some marvelous place, or anywhere that has managed to stay clean and glittery or well established instead of being scrap metal barriers and the sort?

OH, and thanks for the offer of dinner, but I’ve got my own grub I should get to. I could make Y’all Dinner, and/or Breakfast before I go if you’d like though. I’ve studied some of the cookbooks cover to cover once I got a proper kitchen setup, and I’m pretty proud of some of my creations. You ever had horchata, mexican drink? Goes great with almost anything greasy. I’ve got a salmon recipe with a lemon butter sauce… I think I might have run out of room for improvement with it.


(About Belfast, I worded that poorly, ever watched this?: in that series they live in a fort basically, but you would not say that they could defend themselves from an army, its something like this they have a fortified building but they lack the manpower and guns to defend themselves from serious threats, they can hunt just fine but they can’t take on a group with SMGs and other automatic weapons)

Andrew:“I’m not sure about Old Town, they keep to themselves, they have to welcome trade they would be crazy to not to, but it could be as you said and those crooks have them scared into submission”

Andrew:“Those freaks on the APC used to come here every other month, but I’m not sure if that will change now that Big D is dead”

Andrew:“Deblois’s caravan stops here for supplies, then goes down the road and heads west, so it’s likely that that is where they came from”

Andrew:turns to the others “Have you guys ever heard of New Arcadia or something like it?”

Casey:“No, I haven’t, but I’m not from New England so I don’t really know much about here”

Brian:“I don’t remember hearing about a place with that name before the end of the world, so maybe they renamed some place, like how Belfast used to be Belfast’s fishing & sporting goods before those guys moved in”

Andrew:“could be” turns to Litppunk “so yeah, sorry but we can’t help you much with New Arcadia”

Casey:to Litppunk"I will take the breakfast if you are offering!"

Andrew:“Really, there is no need, we still have plenty of food left, some growing in the field that need harvest, so don’t worry about us, I think we will be alright from here on, again thank you for everything you have done”


(that is mount desert on the far right of the map right?)

So Deblois’s Caravan heads north of the river and then turns west? I wonder why they don’t take the hotel road the ambush-able locations are much shorter. Is there nowhere decent resuply along that road…

Oh, I know your good on food, I was just offering to cook. If breakfast is what your after I’ll get it started in the morning.

Ugh… I’ll need to rethink my angle on the APC people. That can wait till tomorrow though.

(post reply from Andrew)


wanders off to his custom vehicle, currently set away from everything else, delicious aromas quickly waft out of the vent.


(yes we are in Mount Desert)

Andrew:“Well, if you don’t mind cooking than we would appreciate it, good night”

Casey begins drooling after smelling the food

Brain and Casey head to the garage to get the supply van ready, Andrew goes inside for a bit, and comes out with a shovel, he then heads a bit north and begins to dig graves, for those who died

(then that is it until the next day)


Litppunk is up early, sets up a portable grill outside with a few folding tables and a rack of various powders and spices. The smell of fresh strawberry-banana Scones, blueberry waffles, Bacon, eggs, and buttered rolls quickly fills the air.

Any who come to watch will quickly notice the kitchen dance that is being performed, softly singing to himself as he listens to an MP3 player of some kind. Dancing back and forth between various cooking ingredients, tasting here and there as he goes along Before tossing things into large stacks of finished breakfast plates segregated by what they are. (plate of waffles, plate of bacon, plate of scones etc…)


(you just gave me the most comical mental image of your character wearing a frilly apron and dancing in a kitchen to the Safety Dance song XD)

Casey prowls following the scent of his natural prey… bacon, ready to strike when it least expects

Brian follows Casey out, walking with a cane Brian:“Man!, you would think a restaurant just opened around here!, I can’t remember the last time I saw a food spread like this!, Andrew come!”

Andrew, follows a little later, yawning and looking like he did not get enough sleep Andrew:Yawn “Whoa!, when you said you would make breakfast, I thought it would be something simple, you learned to cook like this just from books?”

they look astounded at the food Litppunk is preparing


(good, I felt like it had been too serious for too long for something that as supposed to have humor to it.)

Books and practice. Nothing worse than lost knowledge. So if theres something to be learned…

How do you guys like your eggs? I make a mean scrambled, with a secret ingredient of patience. But they’ll be the fluffiest scrambled you’ve ever had. Though I can make em another way if thats your preference. Especially if you like it in bacon grease.


Casey:“Bacon grease scrambled eggs?” Casey grabs Litppunk’s shoulders “TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS WIZARD!”

Brian:pulls Casey away “Sorry about that, he just goes nuts over that kind of food, you know fried in lard or whatever”

Andrew:Watches Litppunk cook with great interest “I learned to not care about what I eat so long as it does not kill me, but, I would love some of these incredibly fluffy eggs of yours”

Brian:“I will eat whatever is done, I gotta go find the former slaves and try to convince them to trust us, you wouldn’t know where they are would you?, a lot of them escaped when you showed up”

(Yeah, I agree about being too serious for a long while, that is why I wanted to go to other places other than the main baddies base, more opportunity for goofy stuff to happen)


OH I didn’t tell you already? I spirited them away to a little revine Just here… (points to a location almost adjacent to the town) Its just far enough away that I could get more to the location, or tend to them if something came up, but far enough away that people being afraid of being nabed by big bad Brute, butcher and co wouldn’t stumble on them by accident. Come to think of it you want me to ride along?

Looks around like a big secret is about to be revealed and secrecy is a must “We can take the breakfast extras with us…”

He then talks overly loadly. Don’t forget the Horchata! Its a personal favorite. Rice, milk, cinnamon and a few other spices don’t SOUND like a good drink untill you realize its the nectar of the gods when done properly and strained with love.

*starts on the eggs, beats them thoroughly and then sets the bowl down and walks back over to Casey & friends.


Brian:“Actually, that would be very helpful!, seeing as you rescued them and all you can vouch for us”

Andrew:“That horchata drink, I heard about that, was always curious to try” grabs a modest plate of waffles and some scones and a glass of Horchata and sits

Casey:“Bacon… I thought I would never see you again” *He makes a waffle bacon “sandwich” * munch, munch “It is like gazing at the gates of heaven~”

Brian:“I will grab a quick bite then get the van out here, so we can go, oh you can finish your breakfast of course, I just don’t eat much normally” he takes some scones, and walks toward the garage

(this topic is making me hungry… also were the eggs done?)


Litppunk throws his arms out in caution.

"guys… do you feel that…

the eggs are ready…They arn’t expecting to get cooked and viciously eaten like the bacon anymore!"

He quickly runs over grabbing the bowl and dumping it into the skillet that still has bacon gease. "A-HAH! Surprise attack! They sat mixed with the milk for a couple minutes got all settled in and lost all their jaded sense of the world around them. Now we cook the hope the eggs have nurtured and trap it inside! He then proceeds to ssllllloooowllly stir the pan to keep them from sticking until they finish cooking all the while doing the fakest maniacally laugh anyone has ever heard. When he dumps them out they look like one giant yellow cloud.

Everything tastes better with hope. Having polished off a large pile of food in record time he checks on brian with the van.


the garage door opens revealing a simple delivery van

Brian:"the van is filled with first-aid kits, non perishable food and clean water, so we just need to get there and talk with them he turns to Litppunk, giving him an embarrassed look “Look… I just want to say I’m sorry, you know for calling you an asshole, and thanks for helping us, this world need more people like you…” he turns around looking even more embarrassed “Anyway, want to drive?”

Casey and Andrew can be heard laughing and eating happily

(Litppunk you baka!, I’m not g-grateful or anything, I’m just being polite so don’t misunderstand! (//・_・//) )


(what? grateful? misunderstand what?)

he looks away from the van at Brian Hmm. Sure. I’ll grab the rest of breakfast and we can go.
He jogs back and grabs the plates dumping each into separate baggies. Before jogging back to the van and hopping in.


(I meant that while I was writing Brian’s dialog I though to myself he was starting to sound like a tsundere)

Brian:He gets into the passenger seat Brian:“So let’s go then…, actually something I’m curious about, what did you used to do before the end of the world?”

(all set for you to drive them to where you left the people you rescued)


(Ohhh I got you. I am a baka.)

Oh, various things. Never settled down into a career path. Lot of construction related stuff…

*he pulls another scone out of the bag and begins nibbling as he talks, ocasionally taking a drink of horchata, intermittently driving one handed and with his knees while adjusting mirrors and looking at Brian while he talks.

I drove a lot of machinery, and fixed everything for relatives and friends, computers and mechanical stuff. Basically general Mr. fixit stuff. head out on the weekends and do a lot of country stuff.

On my own time I’d do all kinds of computer stuff, learn coding, write stories that never got finished, and general internet stuff… Never finally figured out I didn’t want a full time job so much and was starting to get an actual life together when the cataclysm hit and my no-specialization attitude payed off.


Brain: “L-lucky for you…” Brian checks to see if he is wearing a seat belt, he is “You might wanna keep the your eyes on the road, so to speak”

Brian:“as for me, I served with Denver, Andrew and Denis, Denver was our CO, when the cataclysm struck we ignored the call order and waited for the rains to stop, when it did we started searching for survivors, but we mostly found zombies.”

Brian:“but eventually we started to find survivors, in Evac shelters, that was where we found Casey by the way” he points to the Evac shelter near Mount Desert on the map

Brian:" “we gathered who we could and fortified Mount Desert, and you know the rest of the story…” he looks nostalgically out the window “Everyone working together, helping each other… I wonder if we can really make it work, in these dark times”

{you will be at your destination momentarily}

(I assume anyway, you said it was close to Mount Desert)


I keep aware of my surroundings. So you guys were a unit once upon a time. We’ll make it through. And heres a good reason why, he sais as he pulls up to a shallow area surprisingly close to the town itself. If Casey and Denis get especially loud they could juuuust be heard.


(Denis is dead remember?,also what?)

The area has many former slaves that were rescued by Litppunk, they are wary when they see the van pull up, but as Brian and Litppunk get off it, they get a relieved look on their face

Brain:“hey guys…”

a young girl says: “It’s Brian!, look Brian is here”

“we thought you were going to get yourself killed!” another comments

Brian:“I can’t die yet!, I’m still too good looking” he opens the back of the van "come here, we got something for you*

the ex-slaves approach the back of the van, as they pass Litppunk they thank him for saving them, and ask if he is alright

then they see the supplies, and start distributing among themselves

Brian:"… there is also another thing… we want you all to come back to Mount Desert as free people, and help us make a place where we all can live"

the ex-slaves pause at that “join them? are you crazy!?” one of them says “We will never go back!” another adds

Brian:“listen Denver is dead, he can’t hurt you all any longer, and listen Andrew said that even if you don’t want to go back, the supplies are yours, but we have a fortified place, and food, if we help each other we can actually make Mount Desert in a real place to live!”

The former slaves look around, unsure what to believe

Brian looks at Litppunk, hoping he will back him up


(blows the whole thing claiming its all a lie run while you can :P)
(oh, oops I mean Andrew and Casey, as in if they start yelling real loundly they can be heard from here, which means the opposite is likely true. They are THAT close, but not really the sound just travels really well… hmm maybe not. nah forget it.)

Nobody was happy with the way Denver was doing things. I don’t think even denver was, but he was trapped in his addiciton. Long as you guys work together it’ll probably be the safest place around. Brian wouldn’t try to get you to come back if he thought it would be to your detriment. There’s some guns waiting for anyone that wants to help with guard duty.

Oh. Here, we cooked these this morning hands them the bags of breakfast stuff, grabbing another scone for himself in the process. and refilling his horchata

You’ll probably have to pretend to be as miserable as when Denver was around if the APC people come around… but I imagine that’ll be the worst of it. I’m hoping to get them to move to greener pastures soon though, so it might not even be an issue.