Adventures of the Catawastes


Woman:“Well, we were getting “workers” from that guy, but you don’t look like you have any so… how about that.357? would look neat on my wall”

Denis:"…you bastards…"

Woman:“excuse me?”

Denis:“It’s your fault Denver ended like this!”

Woman:“oh?, I was not aware we were forcing him to take mutagen, my bad~”

Denis looks furios Denis:“YOU!!” Denis pulls a knife from his boot and charges at the woman

Andrew:“Denis stop!”

The soldiers look ready to fire at Denis, but the woman motions for them to hold their fire

when Denis gets close to the woman he is suddenly grabbed on the head by the large man Denis:“Let go!” Denis stabs the man in the arm but the man does not react

Large Man:"…" the man lifts Denis of the ground and bashes his head against the APC, Denis’s head explodes into gore!

Woman:“No!, my paint job, you dick!”

Andrew and Casey look horrified

(I noticed that the last thread in the roleplay section was yours, on the subject I’m thinking that instead of you going against the main baddies at this point, you would instead go on some minor adventures (side quests if you will) and get some companions, these adventures would not be as serious so more goofy stuff could happen, if they joined your party, you could make decisions for them, that could make fights more interesting, does that sound like something you would like?, if so I have two characters in mind to join your party, but I would like to know what kind of characters you would like to have working with you)


(I’ll role with anything. Litppunk would have stopped denis though. Hadn’t planned on engaging yet… but I was going to take out their base later. I’ll sidetrack that if you want though, it just feels a little out of character without good reason like an unassailable base. But because of how he never fights a straight fight ‘unasailable’ is a hard point to reach.)

stares at large man

“That was unnecessary. You have the strength to not even worry about the knife. You didn’t even bother to try to stop it, but killed him anyways. As the nice lady pointed out”

winks at her then looks back at large man

"I don’t have a lot of workers here. "

looks at woman again

“I’ll expect compensation for him. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll see what I need in trade.”

walks back to Denver’s people.


(Sorry about Denis, but I wanted to establish the Big guy’s strength, a good reason to not want to fight now is that as you will see, they are not interested in a fight and they have a huge guy, a cyborg woman, three professional soldiers and an APC with an armor piercing caliber turret, sorry if it feels like I’m railroading you, based on your signature I imagine it’s something you try to avoid)

Woman:"Of course you will be compensated looks at the large man you should apologize too Chicago, that was a bad thing you did!she says as if she were chastising a child, then motions to the soldiers “hey!, give them the first aid kits and some food”

Soldiers:“Yes, ma’am” the soldiers start unloading some first aid kits from the boxes and picking some sacks of food

Woman:“I’m sorry for his behavior, he can be such an inconsiderate man”

Chicago Tosses Denis’s corpse away like a rag doll and moves back behind the woman

Woman:“So anything in particular you want?, we have to get going soon, other places to visit, you know how it is” she puts her hands in her jacket’s pockets

Andrew:“Denis… you idiot…”

Casey:looks at Litppunk “what do you want? haven’t you done enough!?”


(Yeah, I knew what was up with the dennis death. Thats part of why I didn’t make a big deal of it, just wanted to point it out. I didn’t mean I ever had any intentions of fighting them HERE. Plan was to get them complacent and then hit their base/them once they are no longer in a location where collateral damage is a potential issue.)

@ Denver’s men. “what is the base low on. Do I need to get anything in particular for the base to be properly stocked? My understanding is that that idiot Denver sold off almost all of your weapons. That strikes me as a problem. What else is lacking? Go over your stocks, double check everything. If I have to call these people back and waste their precious time with your inept needs SO HELP ME someone is getting latrine duty and the whole base is going on a ‘beans only’ diet.”

“Oh. And here. Have someone patch that leg of Brian’s before he bleed all over my base.” Litppunk Sneers

Tosses a med-kit and splint at nearest guy.

“Now There is a lovely lady lady and a lot of impatient gentlemen whose time is being wasted every second I don’t know what this base needs. Their seconds are also a lot more valuable then you bunch of mangy muts put together… So I SUGGEST you GET TO IT!”

shakes head at Woman It’s a shame how much people let themselves slack when the leadership lets itself go.


Andrew:“we won’t be staying here anymore… no reason to, so I guess food for the trip and basic medical equipment, we still have some crossbows and bolts, those are enough to deal with any zombies we come across, Casey go take care of Brian”

Casey:"…fine" Casey takes the med-kit and goes inside the hotel

from inside the hotel a scream is heard Brian:“YOU ARE STILL A GUNJUMPING ASSHOLE!!”

Woman:chuckles at Litppunk’s comment he… I like you, I’m Melissa “Boston” Hou points to Chicago my friend here is Cynbel Cole Summers, but we call him Chicago, and you are?

The soldiers finish unloading several sacks of non-perishable food and a stack of med-kits


blinks at Andrew “The trip to where? Where are you going to go that will leave you any better off, and how do you not have enough food? You have fields of food AND less people to eat it!”

rolls eyes at Melissa and gives dismissive hand flick in Chicago’s direction "Litppunk. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. gives small nod with friendly smirk
(rolls into a southern plantation owner drawl)
"I’m afraid you have me utterly enthralled with the mystery of how someone of YOUR stature, can STAND to be in the regular company of such ruffians and buffoons. I do apologize if I pry too much, but I simply MUST ask how you manage it.


( ops I forgot they had farm fields >_< )

Andrew:“Anywhere, might try to make it to Canada or just wander… I don’t think anyone will want to be here… too much blood and bad memories”

Melissa:"Oh hohoho (like a ojou laugh) It’s true, I could not imagine more a degrading position, well our group does trade and as you can see I am the best qualified person to oversee such transactions, though I don’t know why we bother, I mean look at this place its nothing like New Arcadia-* Chicago taps her lightly on the head* “Huh?, something wrong?”

Chicago:"…" makes a zipper motion over his mouth, then points to his wrist as if he had a watch

Melissa:“huh?” Melissa pulls her sleeve and looks at her watch “oh crap!, look if you want to trade something, you got to do now cause we have to go” looks at one of the soldiers “I told you we should not have slowed down after hearing the explosions!”

  • Chicago watches Litppunk intently over Melissa’s back*


(eh it happens)

Ok Give me 20 rifles with 4000 ammo and I’ll give you a 5 motion tracking cameras with weapons system targeting compatibility, a barrel of fresh crops, and as a special deal sweetener for the dessert flower, two fashionable dresses, two sets of trendy ‘everyday’ clothing, and two sets of… winks evening wear in desperate need of a… looks Malissa up and down worthy home.


Melissa:"I can give you the ammo, however we already sold the spare guns we had.[quote=“DemAvalon, post:39, topic:14285”]{in the trailer there are 3 crates labeled “Ammo”, “Non-Perishable food”, “Meds” and 2 barrels labeled “Wine” and “Denver’s swill”}[/quote]
(they don’t have guns for sale)


(ammo and NO guns for sale??? sigh guess they were expecting to pickup guns here not sell them)

(change it to 8000 rounds total madeup of; .357, .38, .45, .308, 30-06, 38-40, 9mm, 7.62 nato. All fairly common rounds, with the possible exception of 38-40.)


(Remember, they were expecting to trade with Denver who only cared about mutagen at this point)

the soldier unloads the ammo in separate smaller cases, each with its own type of ammo

{1000 .357, 1000 .38 , 1000 .45, 1000 .308, 500 .30-40, 1250 9mm, 1250 7.62 nato} (I don’t know anything about guns or how rare bullets are, so I will take your word for it)

Melissa:“Done deal!” she hugs the clothes like a kid getting a new toy “now we have to go, a shame, its rare to find someone with a good head on their shoulders these days, maybe we will meet later, wouldn’t that be something?”

The soldiers begin making preparations to leave, Chicago climbs back in the trailer.

(do you have any last minute thing to say to them?, if not they will leave)


Alas farewell my fare lady, until we meet again. I don’t suppose you could throw a pin on a map for me, in case my heart should ache for the return of your company? Would do my heart good to know I could find you in the event of such dire circumstances.


Melissa:“My you are a charmer aren’t you? …well” Chicago slams his fist against the tralier denting it and making a loud noise "Okay we will go already! turns back to Litppunk “Sorry, but your heart will have to ache a bit” chuckles “bye” she waves goodbye to Litppunk

the soldiers climb in the APC followed by Melissa, and they drive off, Chicago can be see glaring at Litppunk until they are just a blip on the horizon

Andrew aproaches Litppunk

Andrew:“Denver couldn’t find where they came from either, but he found they do business with some community west of here, they might know”


Yeah. Good riddance to bad rubbish. She’s a snake to be sure, no telling when they’ll end up biting. Ugh… I need my toothpaste. I’d feel a lot better if I knew where they were based at. I’d have just followed them since that APC makes more racket than mine, but if they have other stops, they’d undoubtedly see my tracks on a double back, and when they shutoff the engine when they get back, and I’d rather they not get a heads up…

Sounds like I might have tipped my hand though. Sorry bout the yelling. Seemed like she bought it, but you sound like you saw through it, so I must not have been acting nearly as well as I thought I was. Oh, well one step at a time.

grabs toothpaste and brush from vehicle

You serious about leaving? Cuz I’m not sure I trust the ex-slaves to be able to run things around here. They might be able too…I realize theirs probably a lot of bad blood between the groups, but if this place is going to be anywhere near defensible, its going to need more than the few of you left, and not much unites people more than a common enemy.

walks over to Denver


Andrew looks at Denver’s corpse Andrew:"… he used to dream of a place where all were welcome, and all were cared for, a place where “flowers would bloom again, under the ruins of the world before” he used to say… maybe we can make his dream come true yet…"

Casey walks out of the hotel with Brian is holding on to him for support and hopping with his uninjured leg Brian:looking at Litppunk “you are still here!?”

Andrew:“Brian, do you think you could talk with the former slaves?, see if they want to stay here and work together with us?”

Brian:“huh?, why me?”

Andrew:“you used to sneak food and medicine to them at night, so they might listen to you”

Brian:looks surprised “you knew about that?”

Casey:“how do you think Denver never found out?, you are not the most subtle guy”

Andrew:“we covered for you, so will you?”

Brian:"… yeah, I will talk to them, they won’t believe you are being genuine tough…"

Andrew:" take the van with as many supplies as you can fit in it, and tell them that even if they don’t want to come here, it’s theirs"

Brian:“sure, I will go in a bit, my leg is still pretty sore, I wonder whose fault is that?” *Brian glares at Litppunk"

Andrew:“Heh… Litppunk was it?, we have a map with a more general view of the area, if you mean what you said about finding them it will help, like I said all we know for sure is that it’s a community to the west, could be a town or a city or just a cabin with some people living in it, you best bet would be to just ask around any places where people grouped together if they have seen them, that APC is pretty unmistakable”


Well I’m pretty happy with the way things have gone here. It could have gone better, but it could have gone a lot worse too. The ammo I traded for goes to y’all. If you need anything else just let me know.

Opens up the back of the vehicle

Here’s a long range radio to my vehicle, a couple automated turrets with tracking systems. *mumbles-that will leave me the spare folding deployable… hmmmm Oh, you need any fabrication equipment? I’d be nice to see some of this stuff get used a little more often. Having double of everything is real nice until you start running out of room for the loot.

You see anything else you want for here… OH. the guns of coarse. I’ll give you my spares.


Andrew takes the radio

Andrew:“Thank you!, we survived mostly from scavenging so having tools to make our own tools would be incredibly helpful, and the turrets will protect us until we can get our strength back but, why are you helping us? did you know anyone from here?”

Brian:“He is not doing enough if you ask me”

Casey:“Nobody did”

{Mount Desert received turres, (2) Winchester tube fed 38-40s, (4) 9mm pistols, (4) AR-10s, (4) .357 revolvers, (4) colt .45s, (2) .308 rifles, 2 7.62 nato rifles and (1000) .357, (1000) .38 , (1000) .45, (1000) .308, (500) .30-40, (1250) 9mm, (1250) 7.62 nato ammo}

(edited to sepecifications)


{hmm lets go with (2) Winchester tube fed 38-40s, (4) 9mm pistols, (4) AR-10s, (4) .357 revolvers, (4) colt .45s, (2) .308 rifles, 2 7.62 nato rifles}

Well If I -mostly- empty my truck out here, where all this stuff can get used and put to good use, then I can fill my truck back up when I go out scavenging, and tinker the days away rebuilding all the equipment I gave away. I’m giddy just thinking about it. Plus I feel like saint nick giving out toys to all the good boys and girls of the apocalypse.

looks at brian, look man, I’m sorry, I heard the lady scream and when I ran in you were the closest to her, so I thought you were attacking her. I always shoot for the legs first if theres any chance I might be wrong about a person, but I can’t just run around NOT shooting violent people because I MIGHT be mistaken. If I took up that policy there’d be 3 women out there trying to figure out what to do with their attackers baby. And another 2 dead. I’d rather play it safe and shoot non-vitals, and sort out the mess, than have dead people and kids growing up unloved because mom could never forgive the rapist. Anyways…where was I…

OH! I just remembered! I do have this stuff I got in a lab. Supposed to do some miraculous regrowth. Based on stem cells and pig bladders. Havn’t gotten the chance to try it out yet. There was a vid log, and one guy regrew a whole hand! Its not permanent, just switches the applied location from “scar over” to “regrow” mode. You can guinea pig it if you want! I think I’m on the verge of creating a regrowth gel that should put it to shame anyways.

*hmm should be right… Ah! here we go. Been saving these 5 jars for emergencies. You can have one… ah. Better make that 3 in case anything else goes awry. Should take hardly any to get the process started anyways, just enough to cover the wound. No telling how many injuries these to will be able to get a person through. If I need more than that I’ve probably got bigger worries.

Um… I think thats it…You don’t need anything else do you? Iv’e got spare wood, metal, plastic… a few old duplicate crafting books… That interest you? hmmm OH um…

Before I get too carried away, I should point out a couple catches to my generosity. I LIKE helping people. I like watching people pick themselves up after failure and thrive where others have given up hope. That said, if you let this equipment go to your heads like Denver let the mutagen… I will wipe this place off the map like a bad tumor. Those ‘traders’ will come back too. They will assume that I’ve taken over the place with the same souless drive they would have done so with if they felt so inclined, so your going to need to keep up appearances. Keep the equipment hidden unless you need it, and have someone act like they are my ‘whip’ anytime I’m not around. Who’s got the best pokerface?


Brian looks surprised at Litppunk’s response Brian:“geez, way to make a guy feel bad for being mad at getting shot rubs his neck I guess I can’t blame you for acting the way you did… so let’s just forget about it ok?”

Andrew:“thank you Brian” looks at Litppunk Don’t worry, we won’t misuse the gift you have given us, as to who has the better “poker face” well…"

Brian:“Casey does, the guy might crack under fire, but he can sell you bullshit as it was gold and you would buy it, in bulk too!”

Casey:“Ah!, it’s not my fault if I’m not suited for combat, I’m not like you guys, I was an actor before the world ended not a soldier!”

Brian:“Didn’t you play Hawkins in that Predator remake?, seems like training enough to me”

Casey:“as if that was any kind of training!, …I miss having a career…”

Andrew:chuckles “Yeah, Casey will be able to handle it, and we will use the… lab stuff you brought when there is an emergency, there is no need for crafting supplies, we still have a bunch left from before our “focus” changed, thank you for everything you did for us!”

{Mount Desert received 3 jars of… regenerative stuff}


Ok… good then that takes care of all of that… I guess I’ll head out first thing tomorrow and see what I can do to locate those lunatics base of operations. yawns been a long day… You want to show me that map you mentioned earlier so I know where to start or go over it in the morning?