Adventures of the Catawastes


Mason: he sighs and stands up “Trying to have a simple life became such an arduous task…” he says to himself, he turns to you “Claremont, was just like any other city as far as I know, Wilson would know more about it than I” he walks to his cabinet and takes a bottle and pours two glasses of scotch, he then takes the glasses and offers them, one for Wilson who takes it, and one for you “I think you have done enough for us, I will not burden you with our problems any further”

Wilson drinks a bit of the scotch, he chokes a bit and coughs, he obviously is not much of a drinker


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Lit gives him a hardy hand shake clasps Wilson on the shoulder and walks out, throwing a “I shouldn’t be too far away for the immediate future, if I hear things start to explode I’ll do what I can to stall em.”

He then checks by the stores for the shopers on his way back to the RV


When you arrive on the RV you see, Helena and Jane making their way back, Jane now has a cute jacket and some pants that look just a bit too long for her, but she does not seem to mind

Helena: she spots you and waves before Jogging over… with Jane still holding her hand “Hey!, how did everything go?, will we be going north like I thought?”


They don’t seem to need us, and I don’t think they want to feel anymore indebted to us, so we’ll head north and check out claremont. The MVPs are almost surely there.


Helena:“Sounds like a plan, if you don’t mind, I would like to get some shuteye, You should too, and change that bandage on your leg so its nice and clean”

Helena then hands you your cash card which is now with 100$ less money in it, then the both of them head into the RV… Jane looks at you, nods and smiles before heading inside.

{If there is nothing you want to do or talk to the party about I will have everybody sleep and go to the next day}


Yea. think thats it. Lit changes the bandage puts the money up and quickly falls asleep in his cot.


As you sleep you dream…

You stand on a glade, forest surrounds you on all sides, you look up and see the sky, not one cloud in sight the sun shines vividly.

You look at yourself, you are not wearing clothes, but that discovery does not bother you, you look ahead into the forest and then… you run.

Not out of fear nor urgency, but for the simple pleasure of running, sprinting through the forest you look around you at the trees as they blur and mesh together, not once do you trip, not once do you encounter your way blocked, you run with the certainty that the way is clear as if you had walked this path a thousand times over.

You halt at the edge of a cliff, and you take in the sight, green as far as your eyes can see, a myriad of trees stretched all the way to the horizon, you breathe deeply, you feel no wear from your run, no fatigue, all you feel is vigour.

The sun draws high and as sunlight hits your face, you shut your eyes to shield them and then…

…You wake up.

You are back in the RV at your usual sleeping spot, you hear the sound of your companions sleeping soundly, you still feel that vigour that you felt in your dream, your heart pumps mightily in your chest, you get up from your bed and as you do so, the small trinket you found in Belfast falls to the ground, it makes a soft clatter as it hits the ground, you pick it up to inspect it for damage, it is in perfect condition, however it feels pleasantly warm in your hands.

{from now on, your stamina will recover very quickly}

Your companions are still asleep, glancing at the RV’s clock tells you that it is 5:47 AM.

What do you wish to do?

{if you wish to make a mental note on the trinket, it shall be added to the codex}


Feeling suspicious and slightly off-put by the trinket that he feels sure he put away at some piont, he grabs a rag and uses it to place it in a locked cupboard, near the crafting tables and equipment, and more importantly, various scientific measurement and investigative tools. Going back to the plastic storage bin under the cot, Lit grabs a slightly worn voice recorder, taps the button on it, checking the display, checks the RV’s exterior cameras, watches and reads the clock for 10 seconds and finally steps outside.

He presses record and casually notes the larger events and notable things that have taken place since the last time he recorded, shortly before Mount desert. When he is done catching up, he mentions the trinket.

Audio Journal Ramblings

The Belfast trinket seems related to the horror that plagued them, though somewhat loosely. It reminds me of one of those horror story trinkets that has a mummies curse on it or something. I have locked it up till I can investigate it more thoroughly and cautiously. I could swear I put it away with other things of interest when we got back, with the documents and other things, perhaps I am mistaken, though I am concerned I may not be. Crazy as it sounds, things like that, that set your teeth on edge, even, no especially if you don’t know EXACTLY why, are important to be wary of. I have seen things that should be considered impossible. Even were a half crazed man run up to me with the same stories I recite now, or worries of ghosts and goblins, I would be hard pressed not to beive the story had some amount of legitimacy. Such is the world as we live in it today.
…So even when things like this that should signify an onset of a mental break show up, I can’t actually do more than question if I have gone insane, or have been for some time. All the reference points …the anchors I keep to cross check my sanity remain stable, much as that means without someone else with an outside viewpoint, though that seems to be changing, as great a comfort as anything that exists these days."
lit feels himself mentally relax at the thought

“With how quickly things -that should be relatively stable- change since everything fell apart, (even without mutagen) it remains imperative to keep; a positive outlook, stress at a minimum, and to look forward, all while keeping an eye on the current state of ourselves, and our environment. Humans have a dangerous amount of capability to adjust to the world around us, evolution-ally on a mass scale (as with all earthly creatures to have made it this far and through so many mass die-offs) and more rapidly mentally, especially through social means. We must be wary not to allow either a knee-jerk response mindset to take hold, or a slow shift into a barbaric mindset, made all the more difficult by the more pliable nature of everything in this blob infested world, our minds no doubt included, and the still humanoid monsters that so many once called family acting the part of tutors for our worst sides. Luckily they are quite easy to mentally reference as ‘them.’ The monsters that have retained their humanity however remain a strong example of might makes right philosophy, more difficult to argue against in what has become such a dog eat dog world.”

having finished he checks the display and is surprised to see how long he made this recording, and replaces the memory placing the nearly full memory with a few others, in a small foam filled case before closing the latches and finally moving on to start breakfast.


By the time you are done with recording, Helena stirs awake, after a brief moment of battling the sheets trying to get up, she walks groggily towards you.

Helena: Yawns "Morning… she glances with her still sleepy eyes at what you are doing “… You can cook?”

[The codex Has been Updated, Regions and Maps have a new entry, The skull trinket entry in the artifacts or items of importance has been updated]


“Morning. Heh, yeah hard to survive otherwise, unless you want to eat nothing but wild dog and veggies. What’ll it be then?” he asks twirling a spatula.


Helena:“wwwwaffl yawn les” is the response that comes from her mouth, she then shuffles in a manner not unlike a zombie towards the bathroom

She is clearly not a morning person.


:stuck_out_tongue: I heard waffles, but we also have a lot of salted fish… hmm maybe next time…orrrrrrrrr…Lit gets a mischieveous idea.


From the bathroom you hear the sounds of water splashing and teeth being brushed

Momotaro seems to have awoken as he walks toward you… in normal clothes for once [a long sleeved shirt and sweat pants] he is still wearing his mask though

Momotaro :“おはよう Litppunk-kun、あなたは朝食を作っていますか?”

Unlike Helena, he seems fully awake immediately


Morning, おはようございます Um… ええ、あなたは何をしたいですか? Bout right?


Momotaro:"… Why are you talking like that?, weirdo…" he says jokingly “I will eat whatever, I’m not picky… just don’t ask for Helena or I to help you… unless you are fond of sweet and sour charcoal”

Helena gets out of the bathroom, she looks a bit more awake… but she still looks like a mess

Helena:“Oh, you awake?”

Momotaro:“No, you are sleeping and dreaming all of this”

Helena: she ignores Momotaro and turns to you “want coffee?, I still have powder, can make a blend for you”


Don’t believe in coffee. I should, pre-apocolypse studies were near unanimous, but its just not me. I get jittery enough without. he waves her off, going back to the stove making a show of doing kitcheny-things. The smell of cooking batter, meat and potatoes quickly fills the air, though he is careful to keep view of the food itself out of view of them.


Helena shrugs and steps outside the RV, Momotaro shoots you a look of pure relief as he gives you a thumbs up, he then he too steps outside

If you look out of the RV’s windows you can see them doing a morning exercise routine… Helena’s is a bit half hearted though.

Jane stirs awake from the smell of food and approaches you rubbing her eyes

Jane:“Morning, do you need help?”


“Hmm, I don’t think… Oh no! could help me turn the waffle cooker, my arms suddenly gone terribly tired!” Lit says as his arm suddenly flops onto an empty section of counter.

Then he looks around conspiratorially, and also remember that everyones food is a delicious plate of waffles, sausage, and potatoes. whatever the complaints or accusations, everyone has waffles on their plate. wink


Jane: she raises an eyebrow at you, she then effortlessly does the task you set for her “Just because those two can’t cook doesn’t mean I can’t…” she pouts a little bit

Looking outside, Momotaro is doing handstand pushups and Helena is doing some basic stretching… she looks much more awake now.

(For a second I thought you would mix the fish in the waffle batter… I don’t know whether to fell glad or disappointed :slight_smile:)


“Hmm, My bad, I thought you only wanted to take part, I should have realized you intended to assist. Do you have any specialties Chef Jane?” Lit asks giving a little apologetic bow