Adventures of the Catawastes


Momotaro:“if you don’t I will” he sounds dead serious

Bear rekkr:“I would suffer a thousand deaths before surrendering to the likes of you” he shuffles a bit, trying to keep his balance… he keeps his head held high

{Health status
Litppunk’s party: Litppunk [Left leg: lacerated {Bandaged}, Face: Bruised, Stomach: bruised] {Nauseus} // Helena [Healthy] {Hidden} // Momotaro [Healthy] // Jane [Healthy]

Bears: Bear rekkr [Back of head: Brusied] [arms disabled and bleeding] [right knee tendon severed, bleeding] // Bear 2º [right thigh, shot and bleeding], [torso, shot and bleeding], [knees shot and bleeding], {Crawling} // Bear 3º [DEAD]


Yeah, no, you don’t get the glory of death in battle. You havn’t earned anything resembling a glorious death, because thats what you want, isn’t it. to redeem your failure in death. I’d patch you up and let you go if you swore something for me, I think you’d honor that, but theres too much hate isn’t there for you to make the agreement in the first place? You said it yourself. Hmm.

I’ll tell you what, I don’t fear you bear, I don’t fear you as an enemy, and I don’t fear fighting you again. I had options on how to win this fight, and Im willing to give you some options for how you are defeated. Masaru can strike any of these options down if he feels you arn’t worthy of them.

I’ll defer to his judgment on how well you’ll hold to your word. So remember you need to convince him if you want to do something other than pass away in your sleep in the ditch with little more than a note telling travelers of a couple common highway men dealt with here. Because THAT is what you will have died being.

Option 1: you swear on your honor, your clan and anything else you hold precious that you will not attack, or harm the weak, and civilians in my territory, you can go back to the MVP or walk away, whatever, I don’t care long as you don’t attack those under my protection that arn’t a threat I agree to do the same, and I go back to war with the MVP’s

Option 2: you swear fealty to Masaru, and he decides what to do with you

Option 3: I patch you up, give you a couple days, or however long it takes for us both to be ready to fight properly, then when we are both ready, we fight again, giving you a chance to lose in a way you feel is more honorable.

How’s that sound.


Bear rekkr: after you are done talking, he just starts laughing, Bear 2º joins him, the two of them keep laughing for a few seconds

Momotaro:"*sigh" he then takes his sword and slices Bear 2º’s neck, almost cutting it in half, following that he walks to the still laughing Bear rekkr and readies his katana

Bear rekkr: stops laughing and turns his head toward Momotaro, and says with a big grin on his face “He does not know what he is doing does he?”

Momotaro:“seems so…” he then slices the Rekkr’s neck who falls to the ground, dead… but still grinning, Momotaro faces you and says “That was an incredibly naive offer you made”


Litppunk is no longer nauseous

(OH Man it has been two months, I’m very sorry for the delay, but shortly after my last post, things got very hectic for me, and due to personal problems I was just felling without any motivation to do pretty much anything, but things around here are a bit stable for now, and I’m feeling better, Whoever it has been a very long time, and if no one has an interest in doing this silly thing with me anymore I will understand completely)


“Dam. Well thanks I guess, momo. You feel ok? You need a moment to get your head sorted? I realize how naive that must have sounded, but there is a kernel of greatness in the offer, Im just not sure how to get it to those that need it”

kicks the bear corpses foot lightly

“I rather liked the 3rd option, but they all seemed valid if they stand by their variation of honor, as much as they seem too. your walking proof that people can have grand sweeping paradigm shifts for the better”

(no problem man, I got a bit worried, wasn’t sure what happened to you, if you just left entirely or what, hope the hectic left you in a better place :slight_smile: )


Momotaro: he looks embarrassed at your coment “… well, after revealing myself to them, I couldn’t risk them reporting, might attract attention from the Tigers…” he puts his mask back on "Sorry for being a dick… I just… sighs “just sorry”

The RV approaches the battle field and stands just in front of the barricade

From the bushes to the side a panting Helena pops out

Helena:“That guy shot a rocket at me!”

she looks fine, aside from the twigs in her disheveled hair and dirt covering her clothes

Wilson hops out of the RV

Wilson:“everyone ok?”

(Thank you for your understanding and patience, while I’m not really in a “better place” but things are looking up (If you don’t count the trucker strike, but it looks like it’s ending in a few days) so again thank you for your patience, and if I ever have to go away for a long time again, I will be sure to say so… sorry about that (〃..) )


“nah, no need to appologize”

At Helena: “Ha, well I suppose you’ve got bragging rights for that one, Tsk Don’t think im going to look for rockets to dodge, so you may be holding the title for a while. Long live the rocket dodge world Champion”
does an overdramatic courtly bow
At Wilson:
"Yeah, looks like it, you’ll have to keep an eye out for when the MVP’s replace them.

(your a trucker? Where at? hope the strike stayed peacefull. I’ve not heard anything about trucker strikes, aside from the one my um… great…great “Uncle” was involved in… but thats not really relavent today… or a truck strike come to think of it it was more about the coal. I also pay shamefully little attention to the news… so theres that too…)


Helena: she chuckles at your bow, and starts pulling twigs of her hair

Wilson: “don’t worry, when we get back, I will talk to the sheriff and we will set up an outpost here, watch towers and such” he looks around the road block “You earned anything here, whatever they got is yours now”

{if you want to loot, I will write up everything you can find, and you can pick from the list}

Out of character gubbins

(Oh no, I’m not a trucker, I’m from Brasil, the truckers are on strike due to the current price on diesel, so for over 10 days nobody was transporting anything and they are blocking large chunks of road with their trucks, so every gas station is out of fuel, groceries are lacking basic food, and what food they do have is now much more expensive, I don’t know how much of what I heard is true, but apparently they were threatening any trucker who tried to leave the strike, and they were assaulting any trucker who tried to transport goods, that last bit I know is true (it was on the news) and also one trucker (that was transporting goods) was killed, when someone threw a rock through his windshield (the trucker and the murderer were on the road, but going in opposite directions) however, it seems things are going back to normal, groceries are still overpriced, but that should return to normal in a week or two)


Lit looks through the bears stuff

Strikes, and RL stuff

(Ah, That “Uncle” I mentioned (adopted family) owned a coal mining company back in the days where unions were just becoming a thing. The Coal industry was in riot because they wanted more pay, his company was not, as he already payed them plenty, so they would ride (literal) shotgun to protect the trucks/drivers from the strikers.
He also did a bunch of other business practices of similar caliber, like paying the landowners for use of their land while strip mining and setting everything back like it was, and planting the first crop etc. As such he had easy access to coal the greedier companies couldn’t easily get.
Stay safe, hope everything remains stable for y’all, despite my lack of attention to news, Brazil’s economic woes has reached me, more or less.)

Loot list

{Loot list}
2 RPG rockets
M9 flamethrower [full tank]
m60 machine gun [fully loaded]
tactical tomahawk
boar roasted to perfection

a map of further north

3 first aid kits
5 kg of salt
2 kg of dried berries [mixed variety]
the bulldozer pickup [tank half full/diesel]
modern dane axe
laptop with first season of Vikings
10 units of human leather
cash card [$5.305]
10 foot long pole

(do you think the stuff in the loot has been okay so far?, do you have any recommendations on what I could try to improve?)


Lit takes everything but the human leather, and the dozer pickup (checks it for loot and empties the tank into storage) putting it all in the proper storage areas.

"guess we should head on back now…

“hmm, this map doesn’t show any labs, or militar bases, we’ll probably want to get off the road here, and take the field over here, then get back to the road and skirt the town over here, or avoid it entirely…
Hey Wilson, you guys don’t know whats up with claremont right? Its probably overun with zoms, though MVPS may have cleared it if it seemed worthwhile to them, if thats the case it would be even more of a deathtrap to travel THROUGH, especially if we don’t want to let them know we are in the area, and catch us low on ammo. Shouldn’t hurt to at least check on it though, after were done in sprague…”

Lit checks the map thouroughly, checking what kind of paper, and for any editing marks on it, or signs that a previous copy had been edited.

(nope, you run it well.)


Examining the map you find the date of the print, the map is dated five years before the cataclysm, many landmarks were clearly drawn afterwards with permanent markers, such as the craters, the Triffid grove, military outpost, and the toxic dump, the writing (road to Sprague and road to mount desert) were also written in permanent marker.

Wilson:“your average city from before the cataclysm, lots of military influence on the place though, on a count of many military folk choosing the place to retire” he looks upwards as if trying to recall something “I think the school has an emergency bunker under it, nowadays it will be all looted and clear or way too dangerous to even bother, we haven’t heard much from folk coming from up there so most likely the former”

Helena: “Can I have the tomahawk?, don’t really have a melee weapon aside from my pocket knife”


“yeah figured it would be something like that,”
@ Helena. “Course, your welcome to anything you want or need.”


Helena takes the tomahawk, and hooks it to her belt

Wilson: “Are you finished?, I’m sure the sheriff wants to thank you in person for your service”

The loot is stashed in the RV


“Yeah, lets get going.”


The party departs to Sprague, the journey is uneventful.

The party arrives at Sprague, and parks the RV in the same spot as last time, the Deblois survivors, thank the party profusely before jumping out.

Wilson: “I will head back and report to sheriff Mason, stop by whenever, you earned yourself a rest”


Lit lets out a yawn.

“well that sounds pretty nice actually.”

“Ill head with you to his office, anyone else coming with? If not I’ve got a spare cash card if anyone wants to do any shopping, just don’t go too hog wild, try to keep it under 2k, and nothing we can’t stow without tripping over it, or strap to the roof without blocking the way of the turrets. When I get back I’ma crash, I’ll have headphones on, so try to keep any racket to a dull roar.”


Momotaro: “I think I will just say here and take a nap”

Helena: “if it is alright with you, I would like to buy Jane some warmer clothes, she doesn’t say it, but, I know she is a bit chilly” he glances at Jane who is looking away with a look of mixed embarrassment and quilt

{after your response you will accompany Wilson}


Sounds good, here you go. Theres also spare clothes of assorted types in that bin over there, some are even rather nice. The one next to it there, has… specialty clothes and Armour stuff that come in handy if I have a specific purpose in mind like hauling lots of stuff up stairs, radiation suits, stuff that layers well for the extreme cold of possibly absolute zero, including thermal wear, and other stuff like that. Feel free to anything not in the leftmost pile, thats the stuff that actually fits me and isn’t spare, I can tailor anything you guys like, but that doesn’t fit, so don’t let that limit you… and that includes anything at the shop.


Helena:“Thanks, though I doubt anything you picked up will be child sized… and if you do have child clothes that… would be kind of weird” she turns to Jane “Come on, let’ go shopping!” she has a bright smile on her face, it proves contagious as it infects Jane as well

Wilson:“well lets get to it then”

You and Wilson walk toward the Tin Star headquarter, upon entering you notice that the atmosphere seems a bit lighter and the people there seem less stressed, if only a little bit.

When you arrive at the sheriff’s office, Wilson knocks on the door and the familiar voice of Sheriff Mason beckons him in, Mason is sitting in his chair, a Tin Star deputy beside him excuses himself, and leaves the room, nodding in greeting while passing the both of you.

Sheriff Mason:“well, how did everything go?”

Wilson quickly summarizes what you and the party did, Mason has a skeptical look on his face when Wilson describes the encounter with the Deblois monster, and listens attentively at the encounter with the Bears on the roadblock, Wilson mentions how you and Momotaro, came up with a clever ruse to approach the Bears in safety, Mason looks at you at this point and nods in approval.

Wilson’s description of the events is matter-of-fact, and straight to the point, after he finishes Mason turns to you.

Sheriff Mason: “Anything to add Litppunk?”


“Hm. not much, we didn’t run into any problems that required doing any cross country tracking, so wilsons knowledge of the area never became as essential as I thought it might, but he did well, and it was comforting having an extra trained pair of eyes, and gun around. I look forward to being able to work with him again, should the need arise, though hopefully not too soon.”

"The Bears, have a twisted sense of honor, so if things get bad, you may be able to work out some kind of deal with them, but you would need to manage to look strong in their eyes when you do it which would be difficult if things got bad enough that you needed a reprieve. Your best bet then, would be to give them a mighty bloody nose, and then deal with them before they, and the rest of the MVP’s could return the favor.

They won’t go against orders though, so if they get the command to trash your town you’ll probably be at a loss anyways. I don’t think you have anything you could bribe or convince the rest of the MVP’s to leave you alone without them just taking it. When it comes time, you’ll be in for a tough fight."

“If you don’t have any need for us here in the morning, we’ll prbably head north and scout Claremont and the surrounding area for military bases and labs that the MVP’s may be using, and checking the area for what kind of activity is in the reagion. Any info you have on the area before we go in would be nice, all we’ve got so far is an old map written on with marker, and that wilson recalls a bunker probably being under the school, though we may not even get near the east side of town.”