Adventures of the Catawastes


( I thought of giving him infra red vision, but I thought that might be too much)

{the smoke is starting to dissipate}

the sound of hooves stops in front of the stairs to the northwest

Denver tosses a smoke grenade on the second floor, as the smoke gets thicker hooves moving up the stairs are heard

{the second floor is starting to fill with smoke}

Denver: “So skulking?, that your game?, what you used to be, you know, before the zombies and all that?, some street punk stealing to pay the bills?”


Litppunk knows about where denver is and waits to see a head he can shoot at. While hes waiting, he pulls a frag from inside his jacket. Just in case.


the sound of hooves arrive in the second floor then stop

{the smoke has filled most of the second floor, the lobby is a little more visible as the smoke dissipates}

then the sound of something metallic hitting the floor, then rolling toward the second floor’s eastern wall is heard


Litppunk jumps down tossing the grenade to where Denver is and sneaks back to the stairs.


Denver:“Dammit!” the grenade explodes, sending shrapnel into Denver’s legs and lower body

Denver:“argh!” Denver fires the M79 launcher where he heard Litppunk land from his jump

{Denver is now bleeding}

(where are you? I’m having trouble keeping track of where you are, I assume you were on the third floor, now jumped down to the second, but unless you climb the hole again, you will have to go through Denver, unless you were on the west side this whole time)


(no. I was at the staircase between 1st and 2nd floor, and jumped down to the first floor. Sorry If I was not clear)

Screw this. I don’t want to fight this guy that seems entirely uncaring about using a rockets indoors.

Litppunk Creeps through the lobby to the front door and pulls a remote out of the backpack and begins fiddling with it.


Denver spots Litppunk from the second floor (the smoke was dissipating in the lobby remember?)

Denver:“now you’ve done it!”

Denver’s High Adrenaline mutation activates, Denver throws the M79 launcher at Litppunk, and draws his machete jumping from the second floor to the lobby, and rushes viciously at Litppunk

{Denver is still bleeding, a large vehicle can be heard approaching the town}

(again the vehicle thing is setup, don’t worry about it)


Litppunk scales the outside of the building to the second story and fires at Denver.

A second motor can be heard


The bulet pierces Denver’s chest

Denver"Huff RGrrr AAAAAAAH!" Denver tears the mask from his face and screams in anger

Denver jumps at the wall and starts climbing after Litppunk like some kind of animal, breathing heavily

{Denver has begun to bleed from his chest, due to exertion the wounds on his legs and lower body have become worse}

Andrew, Casey and Denis watch the spectacle in horror from a distance


litppunk runs across the roof and jumps down and across the open area next to the building. pulling out the controller again. once he reaches a 100yds he stops and turns still fiddling with controls.

(you used both metric and SAE measurements earlier, which are you comfortable with?)


Denver:“AAaAaAaAAAaa!!” Denver drops without care to the ground,hurting himself a bit, and throws his machete at Litppunk, and now rushes at him in all fours with inhuman speed

(my country uses the metric system, I thought you might be more comfortable with miles, inches and what not, so I converted to approximations)


Litppunk Sidesteps the machete and pushes a button stairs at it while he continues to make minute adjustments. The vehichle sound is now roaring as Litppunk’s vehicle comes over a slight incline. Gunning for the space between Denver and Litppunk, where Denver will soon be charging through.

(ah, k. Figured that might be the case. Thanks. You don’t have to though, I’ll do my conversions to metric from now on. I need the practice.)


Denver continues to charge, oblivious to anything around him

Litppunk’s vehicle collides with Denver at full force and he gets run over passing under the wheels, When the vehicle moves further away, Denver’s body is seen, His joints bending into odd positions, his left legs mangled beyond recognition, and yet he is somehow still breathing… barely

Denver:blood oozes from his mouth “Agrh…Raa…ha…hA…”

{Denver’s left leg was mangled beyond recognition, his limbs are twisted and broken, his face is not much better, he Is bleeding a lot from… everywhere pretty much}

Litppunk’s vehicle crashes through the wall and into what must have been someones living room, the vehicle is undamaged, the room is unrecoverable

(I Imagine your car is like some modified armored truck and has wheels, if it has tank threads, then replace the damage on Denver to “His body looks like a big pile of torn and bloody garbage bags” :P)

{The roar of a large vehicle is now heard entering the town}


Litppunk goes back up to Denver.
Any last words?

(yeah its like an armored small RV)


Denver tries to claw and bite Litppunk but it is futile, Denver’s limbs barely move anymore


An APC approaches the scene parking 30 meters away, it looks like any military APC, save for the garish light blue and neon pink Camo pattern, there is a flat top trailer attached to its back, there are some crates and barrels on it as well as a large man riding in the back, the APC has a M2 Browning turret on its top

(when I said flat top trailer I meant something like this I hope it was not a confusing name for it)


(Eh, not a true flatop trailer but good enough)

Litppunk shoots Denver in the head grabs any loose equipment off of him and jogs over to the APC.

“Sorry bout that. How can I help you lads today.”


{Denver had another smoke grenade and 2 more 40mm frags an 1 40mm concussion}

Andrew, Casey and Denis approach Denvers corpse with sad looks in their eyes.

From the trailer the Large man climbs out, and you can get a good look at him:

he stands at 2,11 meters, he is wearing a heavy survivor suit, a heavy survivor mask large steel toed boots and survivor gloves he turns his head to you, but says nothing

From the APC, 3 soldiers climb out, followed by a womanThey each wear a light blue jacket and army pants of matching colour, they have Kevlar vests on, boots, and helmets, they each carry an M16 rifle, and have holstered 9mm berettas on their belt

The woman looks around to see the results of the battle and spots Denver’s corpse

Woman:whistles “You sure blew it this time didn’t you?” laughts "so… "looking at Litppunk “you did this?”

The woman stands at 1,72 meters, she is wearing a designer baseball cap, designer jacket, designer boots, a custom made respirator filter mask and some kind of jumpsuit, her arms have been replaced by some kind of CBM not sold in stores, her clothes are in pristine condition


Litppunk slouch-leans against the nearest standing object.

Yeah… He seemed to think that his way was better. Got a bit to insistent when I tried to bargin.

Guess I’ll have to be more reasonable next time. Hate to see y’all come all the way out here for nothing though. Always love a good trade though, nothing better than mutual gain. What can I do you for?


Woman:“Oh, believe me, getting to see this” points at Denver’s corpse made the trip worth it giggles “and you didn’t want to come, see? you would have missed it!” she says smiling at the large man "Well, I don’t want to lug all this back so…"shrugs “why not?, I don’t suppose you would be willing to buy a barrel of mutagen would you?, no one else would buy this crap”

{in the trailer there are 3 crates labeled “Ammo”, “Non-Perishable food”, “Meds” and 2 barrels labeled “Wine” and “Denver’s swill”}

Denis the guard looks at the strangers with obvious hatred, but keeps his mouth shut, Andrew and Casey keep their faces downcast, but with fists clenched


“Hm. Well, let me see what this place has in stock.”

Litppunk Shoulder push-ups off the wall and walks towards Denvers people

Throwing a look over his shoulder as he starts to walk towards Denvers people he asks her

“You have anything in particular that you are looking to get in trade?”

(My roleplay thread Adventures of Mosin died some time back, this is a nice replacement.)