Adventures of the Catawastes


(What guy?, Wilson?, the Deblois survivors?, Wilson is in the RV so is the Survivors

And the survivors only asked for a ride to town


(no the real life guy, that made a thread about joining)

“Ok Lets go scout out the blockade.”


(OH!, they haven’t said anything, probably waiting for the next map so they can join… and as I was typing this they sent a message in that thread)

You leave the RV and move to the forest, the blanket of night enveloping you…

Hidden so It takes less space.

Looking through your binoculars you see the blockade, it consists of some crude barricade made of metal spikes welded together so they look like a crude version of anti-tank obstacles, the space between them is large enough for a person or a motorcycle to pass, but anything else would have to move the spikes., you can see three people huddling around a campfire, they are spit roasting a whole boar… they are of broad build and all three sport strong muscles, one of them has a type of LMG is hanging on his back… the second has an RPG and the third has an either a flamethrower or a chemical thrower, you are not sure from this distance, to their side you see a large Pickup truck, that had a bulldozer shovel attached to its front and several steel plates welded to its armor, it looks in good condition.

They are wearing cargo pants and boots, number 1 and 2 are shirtless while 3 wears a tank top.

In front of the barricade you see a flag with the a bear on it.

Momotaro: he puts a hand on your shoulder and whispers to you “That is the Bears flag… the ones I told you about, if you wish to confront them, I warrant you to have caution, they are known for their endurance, and Chicago makes sure they are in top physical shape”

Further, in your direction you see what at first look like more flags… but watching carefully, you see that it is human skin attached to poles so they flutter in the wind… there are dozens of such “standards”

Location map

( I’m trying something a little different with the local maps, that map editor I usually use is nice, but its a pain to make open areas with it, also the maximum number of tiles that represent furniture or such things is only 4X2, its very small, so I can’t make really big things like trucks and such, and huddling them together looks a bit awkward, let me no what you think, I’m aware that it looks very amateurish (its because it is :stuck_out_tongue:) but its easier to do than the other one)


(Any map is better than no map. So whatever is most enjoyable to you makes me happiest :smiley: )
(I’m starting to see that you have this thing planned out well enough I may need to start taking notes for reference… Which MVP’s do/don’t I know the faction of again? Thanks)

“Hmm. Ok How tough are we talking?
Full mutant level stamina?
Standard biology restrictions still apply right?
They won’t be able to walk without knees, can’t shoot well without elbows, and tend to die without heads and brains?
Right? might have to change my approach otherwise…”

“hmm I assume mentally they would fall near the anti-social biker gang level of gung-ho and always looking for a fight, but could be reasoned with… Melissa would look down on them, so theres likely friction there…”

looks at momo


(Should I make some kind of “archive” thread?, a party journal if you will, it would be useful to me also as I might forget something, in said “Journal” there would be important characters, known factions and such)

Momotaro: he talks to you as he stares into the blockade “The Bears must be in the majority normal humans its only logical, but as I said there are rumors that some of their men have unusual powers, might be mutants or filled to the brim with CBMs no way to know, but to poke them with a sharp stick, they are not as disorganized as you think, they are more akin to a tribal clan than bikers, they enjoy fighting and the members that were visiting Shangri-La would often brag about their notable kills, I’m uncertain as to how they would react to an outsider”

he turns to you “shooting them in the joints should disable them, but it might take many shots to put them down”


(yeah, sounds good could also be useful for those looking to join)

“Ok I think we let Helen skirt around the edges and setup while we distract walking down the road bemoaning how Melissa is screwing us over, maybe acting a tad drunk, being generally a touch loud. If we get a chance we neutralize and interrogate them, if we need help Helen can give us covering fire, and if we time it right we can have jane here with the RV and drones by the time things get violent, if violence ends up unavoidable.”

Adventures of the Catawastes: The Codex

( I created the Codex, when I got to the factions I got lazy so I just copied what Momotaro said
Adventures of the Catawastes: The Codex)

Helena:“Well… okay… yeah, I can do it!, but you guys have to promise to be careful!”

Momotaro:“aren’t we always?”

Helena:“No.” faces Litppunk “whenever you are ready… I guess”

[Journal created and updated!]

Also, this region shall now be known as Greener Pasture.


(Wow Nice!, also that tiger head is only “ugly” because of the color sceme the drawing itself if good :slight_smile: )

“Hmm ok, jane go ahead and get the RV creeping this way in 2 minutes, we are going in.”

Starts walking towards the camp/blockade chatting with momo about how those dam tigers keep keep screwing us over


Helena ducks into the woods and starts making her way to a flanking position on the blockade

Wilson stayed behind, figuring that they might identify him as a Tin Star and ruin your diversion.

Momotaro and Litppunk are approaching the blockade on the way Momotaro spots the markings on the body of the men and whispers to you that the one in the middle (Bear 1º) is the higher ranked one.

The Bear 1 notices your approach, he then signals to the other two, who then stand up, weapons at the ready.

Bear 1º: he makes a gesture with his hand for you to stop “Halt!, what is your business here weakling?”

Jane drives the RV very slowly closer, she is still very far.

Local map Updated

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“hmm? oh Hey bears. What did you do to get the shit detail?”


Bear 1º: he looks thoroughly uninpressed “We go where we are needed, it’s our duty, not that I expect a cretin such as yourself to understand.”


Lit looks thoroughly confused and a little wounded for a moment. “cretin? … Oh, right been around the maggots too long.” Lit takes on a more arrogant and aristocratic look as though the whole world is a nuisance that constantly needs to be wiped off ones shoes.

“Long term mission for Melissa, we’ll be resting here. Prepare someplace for us to rest.”


Bear 1º: he looks angry “I’m not your thrall, worm!”

Bear 3º: she raises her weapon and points it at you “You expect us to just believe any one who come here!?”

Momotaro shifts his weight a bit and takes a stern stance

Bear 2º:“They don’t have Tiger colours”

Bear 1º:“You think-”

Momotaro makes a motion for the man to stop

Bear 1º:“who do-”

Momotaro:“Masaru… right fang of the Tiger…” his voice is devoid of emotion

Bear 1º:"… You are Masaru?"

Momotaro: nods, he then takes off his mask

Momotaro's face

Bear 2º:"…It is him"

Bear 3º: she lowers her weapon “Word was that you left”

Momotaro:“Only those trusted were privy to the truth of things…” he turns to the first Bear “Rekkr… we are tired and request camp”

Bear rekkr: his face is a mix of unease and doubt, then he turns and looks at Litppunk “This one is lacking in respect to his betters…”

Momotaro: he bows slightly “He is in training… he has much to learn”

Bear rekkr:“indeed…” he makes a motion for the others to lower their weapons “you may share our fire, come the bar is almost ready”

Momotaro:he bows slightly again to the rekkr, then he turns to you “You will be an agent of the Tigers, if you wish to ask our allies questions, you will give them the respect that is due to them” his tone is cold and admonishing

[Journal Updated: Momotaro’s page updated]


"Hmm. I see. I misunderstood the internal social format.“
bows slightly to Masaru
"My apologies for embarrassing you, I will not stoop to assuming mistakes in my superiors again"
looks at the bears giving a slight bow of the head at his error
"My apologies, I heard much ill will from the locals, and let it color my perceptions too much.”

“A better understanding of my masters group and the changes in his absence would help me serve better in the future, I would be grateful for any assistance in understanding my masters organization and his purpose within it. So I may fill my own role better.”


Bear rekkr:he cocks his head in confusion “You are asking us about the Tigers?, how can you be in it and not know?”

Momotaro: he answers quickly "My pupil is referring to the alliance, forgive his poor wording"
Bear rekkr: he sits back down and the other Bears follow suit “hmm… you want our view on the whole “MVP” thing?” he scratches his beard “It’s a mess if you ask me, for anyone looking from the outside, we would look like some kind of gang, no structure, no real communication between us…” he throws a piece of wood on the fire “The Tigers and the Bears have contact and we have increased the sharing of information”

Momotaro:he nods

Bear rekkr:“But those patriots?, nothing, no trade, no assistance, and basically radio silence” he snorts “and they act like they call the shots… like we are their vassals or something”

Bear 3º:“they do have the big fire power…”

Bear rekkr: he makes a face like he just ate something bitter “A couple of missiles and a few suits of power armor can’t beat grit!” he then turns to Litppunk “does that answer your question?”


(dam, should have played that different so Momo would catch the angle I was playing)

“More or less I suppose, no changes since master was home is reassuring”

“I… have not seen masters home since the mission, if not longer, and wish to assist him in any way I can, causing trouble like I nearly did here would be to make myself a nuisance to him, and a failing of my purpose. He is often quiet and rarely speaks as much as he has here, so I know very little, and any knowledge that will help me serve is welcomed”

he looks at momo like he suddenly understands something

“Is it them, are they the ones, the patriots that troubuuuuu…”

he looks back at the bears, then back at momo, seeking permission to continue


The Bear rekkr seems amused at your sudden turn to subservient manners, Momotaro makes a gesture for you to continue.

(what kind of angle is that?, because if you are asking about how the Tigers are now, then Momotaro saved you there, If what he told the Bears was true, he would have never left, so any questions about the Tigers he would be able to answer, so it would be suspicious that a member would be asking another faction about it)


(thought was that he got picked up by momo during his ‘long term mission’ and had awoken to find momo saving him several times and swearing a life debt with some ‘destined-this, and fate-that ideas’ thrown in too)

“Are they the ones that cause you frustration master, the ones that leave you brooding? Should I rid you of them? -These ‘Patriots.’ Your allies seem annoyed at their existence as well”

glances at the bears for confirmation


Bear rekkr laughs, a genuine, loud laugh

Bear 3º:“Look at that, the little cub wants to sharpen his fangs!”

Bear rekkr:he composes himself “If half your clan thought as you do, well that would be something to think about” he shugrs “Ah, but our chiefs know best about such matters, if Cynbel tells us to keep playing ball, that is what we will do”

Momotaro:“is Cynbel satisfied with the Bears condition?”

Bear rekkr:“of course not, the strong should have no masters… but starting a war would leave us in a bad spot, especially now, as we try to advance aggressively”

Momotaro:“Any victory against the Patriots would be costly… not enough man power to deal with them and hold our territory at the same time”

Bear rekkr:“exactly… so in the mean time, we play” another shrug “nothing to be done for the moment”

(Oh, I forgot to mention, Momotaro and I assume you, have approached them, and are now next to the camp fire)


(of coarse)

At ‘Our chiefs know best’ Lit visibly bristles, but relaxes again at ‘of coarse not’

“what…what if the locals minded their own, or even helped… they could be convinced, if promised more agreeable governing lit hesitantly puts out there.”