Adventures of the Catawastes


the party treats its injuries, bandaging Litppunk’s leg and disinfecting the wound, Wilson’s arm is only scraped and bruised so treatment is not needed, the Deblois survivors’ wounds are stabilized, and their bandages changed

Helena: to Litppunk “So, where to now leader?”

(will you be heading back to town or going somewhere else?, if the former will you be resting or will you be departing after dropping off the Deblois guys?, remember that its currently night, also the artifact is in your possession)


Heading south first.


(will you be stopping by Old Town or will you head on?, the road block is south of Old Town)



stopping by old town discretely dropping cameras along the perimeter if there are any openings or areas that have a view inside if its necessary to enter from the south road


The party plus the Deblois survivors hops on the RV and head to the south stoping by the Old Town mall.

It’s not what you would have imagined a ruined mall to look like…

The windows, walls and the very ground are filled with vegetation, the walls are almost entirely covered by vines and wallflowers, the surrounding ground is covered with even more types of flowers, they are of all kinds from the common to the exotic, some even you have never seen before, the air around the mall is permeated with the sweet fragrance of all these flowers… oddly all of them are in bloom, even the ones that should not survive in the New England climate.

Some of the mall’s windows have a faint light peering from them, a large sign in front of the mall’s main entrance reads:“The family of the new bloom welcomes you!, if you wish to talk, please ring the bells.” to the side of the sign there is a simple wooden structure with several bells and a rope from which you can ring them.


Lit walks up and rings the bells.


the bells ring a pleasant sound… a minute later a… person in wearing a long hooded green robe emerges from the entrance.

the person wears said robe, but also an ornate mask that covers their entire face

The… man? speaks with a jovial tone

Robed person:“Ah!, welcome dear friend, what brings you to our refuge at this time of night?, nothing serious I hope!, pray tell what this humble servant of the Bloom might do for you?”


“I am afraid I must accuse you of stealing my question for you.” Lit cheerfully comments
"there has been a wave of horrible unpleasantness and manipulation by a non-local group looking to make a beachhead and soften local resistances. My group are assisting the tin stars in settling things back down.

Are there any problems of late, or that have flared recently that you might want assistance with?"


Robed person:“Ah, you are here at the behest of the Tin Stars!, noble and courageous those that bear their insignia, but I digress, we are aware of this evil group, some of their own set up a toll to the south, imagine that charging people for the right to come and go!, fortunately the great Bloom warned us of these villains and beneath its wisdom we are sheltered from their malignant influence, so no, noble one we are troubled not, but we try to assist any and all that might come in search of aid, if there is aught our humble flock might do to assist, please just ask”


"Though it is not my business, and of less immediate importance I would ask if your family is of triffid or of plant, I have traveled far, and these things intrigue me, rude though it is for me to ask, it would help me better understand where The Family of the New Bloom fits into the dreadful war that may be approaching, and how you may help now and in the future.

On the subject at hand I would ask what you know of the blockade itself, and of the interfering group."


Robed person: laughs “No, we are not Triffids nor mutants, we are simply those that were suffering and lost, until we found the great Bloom, now under its wisdom and guidance we grow and bring new life to these ravaged lands, carrying its compassionate seed wherever we go, any and all are welcome to come and join our great family and harvest the bounty that the Bloom provides, a bounty of succor, understanding and the end of pain and suffering.”

Robed person:“On the second subject we have reports of weary travelers from the south, from what we understand they are few in number, but are brutes all, but well armed brutes, they sit beneath the flag of a bear, their camp decorated with the macabre remains of those that tried to resist them”


"Hm, you have me believing I havn’t come across any variant or extension of your great family before.

Hmm. how many of these brutes?"


Robed person:“they are merely three, we haven’t seen any one of their kind go to there, so they haven’t increased their numbers.”


“thank you. Do you know anything about their base of operations? or their organization?”


Robed person:“Nothing what so ever!.. sorry I can’t be of more help, but we try to keep to our selves… most of the time”


“Ah, Very well. So long.”

Lit goes to leave and continue towards the blockade.


once Litppunk enters the RV Wilson approaches.

Wilson:“The sheriff did warn you that they are… strange”

the party then drives toward the blockade… a few minutes later then can see light down the road and the silhouette of a vehicle

{Do you wish to approach or will you scout from a distance first?}


“Ok lets scout this out. Jane If we call for you,” Lit instructs her (Lit flips a 3 position switch with a slightly worn label to the “up” position then grabs Jane’s Tablet and clicks on the new icon on the sidebar of a stylized car on a road)
| .Camerapilot. |
| - - - - O - - - - |
|Follow Marker|

“then use the controls to come our way.” (gestures to some simple controls on the screen involving target speed, and a small reticle on the screen that shows the position it is going to move to labeled 'Destination.'
Then click on the turret controls again and keep us covered" (Gestures to the sidebar with a cross-hair and stylized turret)

“you got all that?” Lit asks, enthusiastically bobbing like a child on Christmas, as he continues without pause, “Show me, Show me!” gesturing towards the tablet with the look of a parent thats seen their child do something spectacular 20 times, but remains no less proud and eager to show off their child to anyone. Filling Jane with an eagerness to prove herself.


Jane:“o-ok” she looks at the screen “so this controls the speed we want the car to get, and then I use this to control where to go, and if I tap this” she taps on the turret icon “its back to turret mode… right?, so if I do this…” she goes back to drive mode and makes it so the RV moves 2m foward at 1/2kmh, then its stops “It will move there at the speed I want… did I get that right?”


“Yep. Your golden, any questions?”

(what happened to that guy that wanted to join?)