Adventures of the Catawastes


"Well no Shit, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anyone drop…no repeatedly fumble the ball as hard as they did with you and your funding. So what is it you are interested in then? You must have had the opportunity to fix the walker IFF by now, and havn’t, so it must not interest you anymore, or I’d offer my rig. Your not interested in the Tech being horded by the ass-hats that are misusing your equipment, so offering help in demolishing their bases and taking back your equipment is a no-go. You’re rightly pissed at the world for not allowing you to resolve evident problems, so traveling with me and assisting others for kicks isn’t going to happen.

Just what motivates you these days?"


Dr: Karadin: he takes a deep breath “Why I’m going to sort out this mess my own way!, I’m going to find a factory that has the equipment I need, set up shop, roll out a few dozen drones he whispers to himself “well they won’t be as good as my prototype, but what can you do?” and sort out this zombie/alien/dumb people mess then I’m going to finish my prototype in peace!, I spent 8 years of my life in this war machine, and I won’t let the end of the world get in the way of me finishing it according to my vision!” he seems to have calmed down “Not that any of that matters to you” he looks at your drone’s scraps “It is impressive that you made that with just the garbage you can find out here…” he scoops up the drone’s remains and turns to you “wait here” he then gets back in his motel room and closes the door

the sound of machinery, hammering and welding can be heard coming from inside.

Prototype Chicken Walker:Please hold, your call will be answered in a moment it begins playing easy listening music


“Hmm I don’t suppose you take requests? I’ve Always been more of a Rock and Roll enthusiast, Elevator music doesn’t really go with the rotting corpses too well.”


Prototype Chicken Walker: the easy listening music stops… The Touch by Stan Bush begins playing

Wilson:“do you frequently meet wierd people like that?”

Momotaro:“what are you talking about?, we are wierd!”

A bit latter Karadin emerges from the motel… still in his bath robes holding your drone, he looks a little bulkier than before.

Dr Karadin:“OK, I replaced the plating, fixed the gun and messed with its aiming algorithm, it should be about 40% more accurate, also I added this here” he points to some kind of pronged fork next to the gun “just press the button” he mumbles “that you will have to configure latter” “and it will launch a small electric cloud like those electric zombies can do, very exciting but it’s hell on the batteries, don’t strain it or it might blow and I won’t be around to fix it, and no I haven’t reconsidered the offer I got better things to do, whoever if it will make you people stop bothering me if I build or reprogram any robots I will send them Sprague’s way, not like I will need them…”


"All right, that works well enough for us, long as we don’t have to fight you AND the PMC thats content to sow chaos and mess with everyone. We think they are probably based in several labs, likely your own included, so if you can provide us with details on the locations of local labs it would be really useful.

If you need any parts or anything let me know, I pick up a lot of gear in my travels, and I don’t always have a pressing need for them. I imagine there will be quite a lot of usable parts in your old lab, and if you want anything in particular, I’ll make sure to bring it back once we’ve cleared them out.

If you find a good factory let me know and I’ll bring you any materials and supplies you need to get it up and running. In the mean time if you ever have need of a workbench, I’d be happy to lend mine, I’ve even got a portable makeshift smelter and forge setup I can assemble if I ever get a chance to set down again for some quality maintenance time."

Lit accepts the drone, "We’re headed to Deblois, and some other errands for the tin stars for now, but we should be back through before too long. Leave a blue flag up, or let us know now if you want anything, otherwise we’ll leave you in peace and keep going to wherever we’re headed.


Dr Karadin:“No, I don’t need anything and, no I won’t tell you where my previous workplace is because it isn’t there anymore, some jackass thought that the bottom section of lab-35 was as good as place as any to store the excess mininukes of the weapons division, so a few weeks after the portals and acid rain happened and after I left to get lunch somebody, much like yourself manage to get in the lab and set off every. single. one. of the 20 to 30 nukes there, when I and my prized creation here come back, we were met with the sight of a huge radioactive cloud, so if you ever find a very deep radioactive crater full of ruble THAT is where my lab was, as for the others I don’t know where they are and I don’t care to, now excuse me, I have a bath to get back to” he turns to the chicken walker “execute ‘get off my lawn’ protocol” he then enters his room and slams the door shut

Prototype Chicken Walker:the music stopsYou have 5 minutes to vacate the premises, or I will open fire


“THANKS! Ok, lets go.”


the party gets back in the RV and drives off to Deblois by the time you reach the cross road that lead to both to Old Town to the south and Deblois to the north the sun has set, then the party arrives at Deblois

there are several signs of struggle, dried blood, bullet marks on the ground, ammo casings, an overturned jeep, but strangely no bodies, the ranch’s windows are boarded up, there is a lot of blood covering the door, aside from the rumble of the RV’s engine nothing can be heard.


"Jane, watch the screens.“
hands Jane a tablet in camera-turret mode
"Don’t click on anything until I till you to, and only the bad guys”
“Everyone else, get ready, and equipped”

Lit then takes another tablet and starts directing the drone to various way points while he suits up, checking behind the barn, and through windows.



Helena takes her sig saur and the LeMat revolver (reloaded on the journey I presume), Momotaro his usual gear and Wilson the gear he had plus 2 sticks of dynamite.

the drone can’t see through the windows as they have been boarded up, behind the barn shows a similar sight to the front.


Lit sets the drone to hover high over the house and sets tablet with Jane. After making sure everyone is ready, he opens the door making his way to the farmhouse with a shotgun instead of his usual rifle. He makes his way to the door planning to listen before going in.


Approaching the door, Litppunk is able to hear the faint sounds of rapid breathing.


“Anybody in there!” Lit calls through the door, stepping back in case some monster busts out.


??? 1:"??? someone is here!"

??? 2:“quiet!, what if it is the monster?”

??? 1:“can that thing talk?”

??? 2:"…" you hear, slow foot steps approaching the door then a trembling voice “Who’s there?”


"We’re effectively tin stars right now.

Can you tell me what happened here, if it started with that thing from Mary Gales, and if so where it is now?"


??? 2:“Oh!, thank Crist!” after a short bit the door opens

the inside of the ranch’s house interior matches the state of the outside, there are blood splashes, broken furniture, the place looks pretty trashed, there are two men inside the cabin, both of them are injured with bloody bandages spread all around their body, they also look very frightened, the man at the door is equipped with a double barrel shotgun, the one at the back has a fire poker.

Deblois survivor 2:“There is a monster out there somewhere, it keeps coming back, it’s fucking EATING US!” the man is very agitated

Deblois survivor 1:“We thought the monster was after the necklace that Jim bought, but it doesn’t give a shit!”

Deblois survivor 2:“here!” he digs in his pocket and tosses a trinket at your feet “it doesn’t want it!, it wants us!!” the man is hyper ventilating


It’s a very small skull its only 6cm long from the tip of the left antler to the right antler, it looks to be carved ivory that has been decorated

Deblois survivor 1:“we shot at that thing and it barely did anything!, we tried to get away in the car but the thing wrecked it before we got five feet from the house!” there are tears on this man’s eyes “we are going to die”


“Ok, sit tight. we’ll get it next time it comes. Any idea which way it goes after?”

Lit deploys the wheeled drone, and uses it and the flying one to scout the surrounding area, looking for clues for if it takes the same path in and out, or mixes things up more.


(the trinket Image and description was broken, fixed it)

as the drones survey the area silhouette can be seen to the east, it is large and it is approaching its between 500 - 800 meters away.

(do the drones have headlights or night vision?)


(Night Vision, they are intended to be multipurpose, so guns, stunners and cammeras. Think I’ll leave them without infrared for now, because this character is already so OP its silly, and theres only SOO much progress a survivor could be expected to make in 3 years, even with good background and skill set.)


on the flying drone’s camera: The monster drops to all fours and starts sprinting towards the ranch.


it stands at 2,20 meters tall, a humanoid with the head of a deer’s skull, its hands have large ivory dagger like claws, roots and branches sprout from its back, its incredibly fast.

its now 400 - 450 metters away.

Helena:to you “see anything?”

(should Jane be able to see what the drones see from the RV?)