Adventures of the Catawastes


yeah, at 5 mags worth, or all youve got for all the guns purchased. Cash and some trade. I’ve got some smoked fish I need less of.


Merry Gale the shopkeeper: punches more numbers “how much smoked fish are you willing to trade?”

Shoping cart

LeMat Revolver = $ 1.076
Skorpion Vz. 82 = $ 1.875
Sunglasses = $ 62
2 Skorpion Vz. 82 magazines = $ 57
20% Tin Star discount
Total = $ 2.456


3/4 of what i’ve got. You want it by the lb or volume?

(how much fish do I have again?)


Merry Gale the shopkeeper:“Volume will be fine”

(you got as much as you could carry from Belfast

so really it just depends on how many barrels you had, lets say it was split 50/50 on meat and fish)


(hmm I guess now is a good time to decide how big the RV is… If I had played anytime recently this might be easier…)

(4000 volume for half of fish and meat?)


(4000 litres of food is ludicrous!, 270,61 (L) of smoked fish is worth $ 11.000! and weighs 554KG its 6600 portions of food, a cargo space can only handle 250 of volume (L) a wooden barrel occupies 100L and can carry 100L of liquid (and solids I imagine) so a cargo space can’t have more than 2 barrels on it, I did some testing you can fit 406 units of smoked fish (being a 2436 portion) in a barrel and you can fit 132 units of smoked meat (being a 399 portion) for 99,75L.
The value of the fish is in total $4060 and the meat is $3960 you can buy all the stuff with just the fish, I don’t think I ever had that amount of food in the game O_O, so lets say you got 1 barrel full of fish and 1 full of meat.)


(O.o ok that sounds good. Sorry to make you run calculations like that. Installing now in shame.)

“One barrel of fish and a Barrel of meat, We need to get going so if you could get a wagon or something out for us to load before we go, it would be appreciated. We’ll collect the change minus the transport fee when we get back.”


Merry Gale the shopkeeper:" there is a cargo carrier on the front" he puts a key on the counter “this will unlock the padlock on the weel, come back here with the cargo and I will pay the difference with my cash card”

Trade Details

Merry Gale’s:
LeMat Revolver = $ 1.076
Skorpion Vz. 82 = $ 1.875
Sunglasses = $ 62
2 Skorpion Vz. 82 magazines = $ 57
20% Tin Star discount
Total = $ 2.456

Litppunk’s food e̶m̶p̶i̶r̶e̶ barrels:
smoked fish = $4060.
smoked meat = $3960
Total = $8.020

Conclusion: Litppunk’s account + $ 5564.

(It’s ok, 4000L of food also did not seem like much at first until I saw how much that actually is in game ^ ^, Belfast’s reward ended up being a lot more than I thought it would be, also the party can take the cart, unload, come back get paid, leave the cart and get ready to go in your next post, after finalizing the trade just have everybody meet on the RV to discuss what you learned, unless you just want to get going. )


(I assume he’s giving us the guns and ammo on credit then?)

they unlock the boot, take the cart back to the RV and

Edited out: lock the boot back on it, load the guns and ammo and

sit around a map.

Lit explains the situation, letting Wilson chime in with additional details and corrections where necessary.

“So My thoughts were we head north follow the chicken walker tracks and let him know that his services will be appreciated in town, then run over to Deblois and make sure they don’t all get killed by what ever is going on there, based on what the shop keep said its probably related to that artifact someone bought. From there we head south and take care of the problems there, then come back, and then hit the cabin in the woods last since we’ll probably be leaving the area via the north road, though if our understanding of the situation changes and we leave via the south road then we get to pass through town again.”


(Um… I thought you were taking the cart so you could go to your RV (which is in the parking lot in town) get the barrels bring them to the store, trade them for the items you bought and he would pay you the difference out of his cash card)

Wilson:“that road hasn’t been patroled in a while, that might have slowed Karadin down enough for us to catch up to him, from the reports of the few who passed through the road block, they were few men there, but they were heavily armed, other than that Morgan detective having an interest in that cabin I don’t know much about it, pre cataclysm there was just a man living there, things were relatively quiet, however there were some people that begun disappearing, they were last seen around this region” he circles with his finger an area of the map that covers the cabin, the motel, the mine and all the roads in-between these locations “we did not have enough time to do a proper search and investigation, the cataclysm struck only a day after the last person went missing”

Helena:“the plan sounds good to me”

Momotaro:he cocks his head “why do you think some random trinket would kill anybody?”

Jane:“maybe its cursed?”

Momotaro:“there are no such things as curses”


(wait how far into the cataclysm are we?)
"Nor aliens, zombies, or rouge robot armies, portals to other dimensions or bugs bigger than a dog.

Ok sounds like its a plan. Lets drag the cart back to the shop, get the supplies and go."

(there fixed it)


( the settign is 3 years after the cataclysm)

the party trades the barrels of food (just the contents not the barrels themselves) fro the supplies and the vendor conects Litppunk’s cash card along with his own to a card reader and tranfers $ 5564 to Litppunk’s acount after that the party hops in the RV and heads north toward the motel.


Shortly after passing the turn that leads to the mine, it does not take long to spot the typical signs of a chicken walker, there a a few zombie corpses exploded apart, car husks pushed aside and the occasional zombie corpse with a very distinct foot print in its entire torso, approaching the motel the party sees more of the same but in much larger quantities, these corpses look quite fresh

bloody chicken walker footprints can be seen entering the motel’s parking lot.


“Oh good, he probably stopped at the motel, lets see if we can talk to him without getting shot first.”

Activates the heli drone to scope out the other side of the motel and, if necessary check in the windows/ holes in the motel.

as he guides the drone around via the tablet he walk towards the motel, alternating between watching the motel windows, his surroundings and the screen.


Willson ducks low and moves as stealthily as he can and covers Litppunk’s back, Helena does the same, Momotaro observes the surroundings, Jane stays in the RV where it’s safe.

On the tablet screen the drone sees something that looks like a cano-

The party hears a very loud gunshot coming from the parking lot, and the drone gets shot out of the air, blowing apart.


“OI, I don’t go around destroying your stuff without cause do I?!?!”


the party hears a robotic voice coming from the parking lot

???:Possible human presence detected, you have 30 seconds to show yourself and identify, otherwise search and destroy protocol will commence



“We just left town. I’m Lit, we just came to talk to Karadin about the tin stars possibly being interested in purchasing more of his services, in a more applied fashion, but if you’d rather continue to blow up my devices, we can figure something else out.”


Before the party stands a chicken walker, but he looks much different than the chicken walkers you are used to

Chicken walker

It is 3,70 meters tall, has a large, high caliber gun on its left arm with a smaller caliber gun underneath that, on its left side its shoulder has a large metal shield and launchers of some kind.

Prototype Chicken Walker:Stand still and keep your hands where I can see them.

A nearby Motel door opens


he is 1,55 meters tall, he is wearing a bath robe and some slippers.

Dr: Karadin: “Can’t a man take a sponge bath in peace around here!!” he sees the party “What ever you are selling I’m not buying!”


“We’re only here to inform you that your services are being requested. Were buying Or rather Sprouge is. Best part is it should be a worthy field test of your walker, and I will personally assist with repairing any damage your walker receives during…testing. Although if you could help me replace the drone that your walker shot down first it would be appreciated.”


Dr: Karadin:“This again?, look those hicks from whateversville already asked me that and I said, I. Don’t. Care., I’m not interested in helping a bunch of rednecks survive the mistakes of my” he makes air quotes “colleagues”, and the backward thinking of even more back woods dumb shits who are fighting for scraps!!, and what was that you said, “testing” my walker?, what did they drop you on your head or something?, this walker’s problem can’t be air quotes again “fixed” by some field test, this diamond in the rough you see before you, is already the pinnacle of ground combat, surpassing even a battalion of power armor soldiers!, his only faults are that he treats every single even more air quotes “threats” with the same level of urgency, so no doubt it spotted the heap of garbage you call a yet again air quotes “drone” and shot it down as it were a top of the line attack helicopter! he takes a deep breath of course I could have fixed this problem back in the lab and added further improvements to its firepower, targeting computer and energy maintenance, but NOOOO the bio division needs its ‘blob money’ they need to find out what happens when the extra dimensional pile of goo that puppeteers corpses around, does just that, ‘think of the applications of this untested, uncontrollable organism could have’, 'sorry doctor Karadin we can’t give you the personal and equipment to fix our tank drone’s blind spot, our poor IFF that can go haywire if not maintained, our easy as balls to hack turrets or the new top of the line answer to all combat problems ASSAULT WALKER ROBOT NOOOO, THAT MONEY WENT TO THE BLOB DIVISION!!, NOTHING WRONG CAN HAPPEN WITH THE UNSTABLE EXTRA DIMENTIONAL ALIEN LIFE FORM DIVISION!!!, OH LOOK!, ITS IN OUR TAP WATER AND EVERYBODY IS INFECTED AND GETTING BACK UP AS ZOMBIES LIKE WE KNEW IT WOULD DO, OH AND LOOK NOW OUR TURRETS CAN’T SHOOT AT THEM DUE TO OUR SHITTY IFF!!, TO BAD WE DID NOT KNOW ANYBODY THAT COULD HAVE FIXED THAT!!!" he is fuming with anger