Adventures of the Catawastes


“Good to have that settled then, so long” walks outside


as you wait outside you see Helena leaving the saloon, she spots you and jogs over

Helena:“So, learned anything interesting?”


Various areas around here that could use some help, I’ll go over it when were all back together again, one of the sherif’s men will be coming along as a guide.


Wilson: he walks outside “alright, I got six sticks of dynamite” he notices Helena “Friend of yours?”

Helena:“Yep, you must be our guide, I’m Helena”

Wilson:“Wilson, pleasure to meet you, ma’am” turns to Litppunk “I have a small quad bike we use for scouting, it’s in the parking lot, unless you prefer I ride with you?”


we can tow bar it, or you can ride ahead, It makes more sense to me to tow bar it so we can talk strategy on the way.


Wilson:“Towing it sounds good to me”

Helena:“so we are heading back to the RV?”


Yeah, anything else you guys need to do here? Wheres momo and Jane?


Helena:“if they are not at the RV by now they will still be at the shop”


Then lets swing by the shop on the way to the RV


The three of you enter Merry Gale’s O’l Shope, its a general store selling articles of clothing, tools, and weapons {who are hanging from the wall behind metal bars}, the shop owner, an older man is standing behind a counter, to the side there is a gruff man with a bullet proof vest {and normal clothes} and a shotgun sitting on a chair paying attention to your every move, Momotaro is in the shop appraising a broad sword, Jane is looking at some toys that are in remarkably good condition… she also is wearing a new jacket.

Momotaro: he notices you three entering the shop “Hey!, done with the sheriff?”


“Yep. We’ve got a guide and we’ll go over the rough draft plan. You guys find anything else that looks like we might want it?” Lit asks looking at the sword and toys.

at the shop keep,

you holding out with anything you don’t normally keep in the open, i bet the deputies come back with interesting things you can’t really price properly and still manage to sell.


Jane: she shakes her head “I’m just browsing I like books more than toys, Momo bought this jacket for me, so I really don’t need anything”

Momotaro:“I was checking their swords since this one” pats his katana “is getting worn out, but they are all cheap replicas, they would snap like twigs in a real fight”

Merry Gale the shopkeeper:" nope, all you see is what I got, I did have a curious trinket a patrol brought back, but I already sold that to some folk from Deblois"


audibly groans

“well I think we know whats wrong with deblois now.”

Takes a quick look around the shop


The shop has a little bit of evrything:


Broad sword, halberd, machete, combat knife, long sword, falchion.


Lee Enfield SMLE MKIII, LeMat revolver, TOZ-194, skorpion vz 82.
A paper note says “Magazines sold separately”


MBR vest (empty), Riot helmet, pair of elbow pads, pair of knee pads, bevor.
A note says: “if the armor fails to preserve your life you get a full refund… unless you return as a zombie in which case we will put you down free of charge.”


Morphine (4), aspirin (20), Sleeping pills, caffeine pill (20), 20 packs of cigarettes.


Fire axe, halligan bar, hammer, wood saw.


meat jerky (12), 12 cans of beer, cookie (16), dehydrated vegetable (40), hard cheese (150), 10 cans of root beer, salt (2000), sugar (2000), wild herbs (200).


There is a paper sign that says: “stored in the back ask the owner.” below that it says “available calibers: .44 magnum, .303, 00 shot, .308, 9x19mm, .32”


10 animal plushies, music box, pocket watch, 5 sunglasses, mint condition still in the box original skelletor action figure.


Hmm. I just remembered I need to get my Kpingas back into my loadout.

“Helena, you want any firearms? or modifications? If they don’t have something you like here, I can make something up latter if we get the chance.”

Looking at Momo, “a Sword would be even easier though, maybe I could give it something a little extra without throwing it off balance.”

looks through the sunglasses. “Of coarse we should always be ready for brighter days too.”


Helena:“well… my sig is .45 it would be nice to have another gun with a different caliber, you know in case I run out” *she whispers to herself I only have like three full clips and the one on the gun so… * “but I’m only good with pistols, the LeMat would be a powerful addition, especially since it has that underbarrel shotgun, on the other hand the skorpion is a machine pistol It would enable me to fire short bursts but it would be somewhat expensive to use… I don’t know a lot about guns honestly, just what I read in magazines and books so its better if you choose for me”

Momotaro:“If you think you can improve this thousand folded nipon steel blade be my guest”

Merry Gale the shopkeeper: “So, will you be buying anything?”


"Yeah I’ll get some more ammo for the .45s and then"
turns to Helena
"I should have some 9mm’s, double stack, 18 round clips, maybe even some extended clips. think I have a glock among them, which is factory made to have the target above the sight reticle at shorter ranges so that the drop-off isn’t as bad at longer ranges. Think I have another that should be more easily modified so you can get scopes and stocks and the like on it if you want.

I recall something about FBI tests finding the 9mm as the optimum round for less experienced shooters to get the most damage on target in the shortest amount of time due to the recoil of larger rounds, but i’m pretty sure that gets negated quickly at your level of experience, at which point its more about what your comfortable with than anything.

I’ve got plenty of reloading material and we can always buy more if we need it, so if you want more versatility I’ll get you the skorpian for supression and the LeMat for damage and penetration, and you can take whatever gun(s) you feel fits the situation best. Should have more clips too, .45 is a common round."


Merry Gale the shopkeeper: “read the sign, I don’t have. 45 ammo, the Tin Stars gets most pick of the ammo, I get the calibers they don’t usually use or if they get an overflow I get those too, things as they are they been burning through ammo so not a lot of variety.”

Helena:“All right, if you think its best then get both then, and I will switch as the situation calls for it”

Merry Gale the shopkeeper:he punchets a few numbers in a calculator:

"Shoping cart"

LeMat Revolver = $ 1.076
Skorpion Vz. 82 = $ 1.875
Total: = $ 2.951

Wilson:“Hey Gale, they will be helping us with a few jobs so give them the Tin Star discount”

Merry Gale the shopkeeper:“all right then, 20% discount on your total…”

New total = $ 2.360

Merry Gale the shopkeeper:“will there be anything else?”


throws on a pair of sunglasses. You don’t have any books for Jane so yeah that’ll be all.


Merry Gale the shopkeeper:“yeah all the books have been hauled to the Tin Star HQ, Mason has been talking about building a lybrary where anyone can come in and read, but nothing has come of that as of yet” punches some more numbers

Shoping cart

LeMat Revolver = $ 1.076
Skorpion Vz. 82 = $ 1.875
Sunglasses = $ 62
20% Tin Star discount
Total = $ 2.410

Merry Gale the shopkeeper:“you sure you don’t wanna any magazines for that skorpion?, I got 2, if not will you pay with your cash card or trade?”