Adventures of the Catawastes


Lit parks the “RV” a noticeable distance from anything bringing a tablet with him and locks the RV when everyones out then hits a remote as they start to move away.

“probably the safest area around one could hope to park a vehicle, but no reason to get overly complacent.” he explains


Helena:“True enough, so want to see the sheriff now, or do you want to check the place out, I could use a drink personally”

Momotaro:“It’s noon…” turns to Jane “Don’t take anything she does to heart ok?”


(if you want the party can separate and go to different places and meet back at the “RV”, Jane would of course be with one of the adults)


Think I’ll poke around town, probably hit the sheriff’s office first, see if they need anything and update them on local news. Ya’ll are welcome to come if you want, but don’t head back to the RV without me, security should recognize you, but better hard coded in before you approach it without me. Won’t unlock without remote or known prints anyways.

I’ll get you in the system when we get back.


Helena:“Cool, I will hit the bar then, best place to learn what is going on in the region” she heads off to the Saloon

Momotaro: he looks at Jane “want to go to the shop with me?, they might have a jacket on your size”

Jane:“Ok… um… see you later mister” she says shyly to Litppunk

Momotaro:“またね” he then waves and the pair walk to the store


Lit head into the sheriffs office


Entering the former fire station, you see very few signs of the place it used to be, there are several people monitoring radio equipment, messing with computers and maintaining weaponry, not one of the men and woman working here is without a firearm, the two men you rescued from the mine are talking with some of their colleagues.

A Tin Star working the reception desk sees you.

Tin Star receptionist:“Ah!, you are the one those were talking about, the sheriff is expecting you, just go up those stairs” she motions to the stairs

Going up the stairs a ajar door with “Sheriff’s office” painted in marker stands before you, inside the room an older man stands behind a desk.

Sheriff Mason

He is a grizzled man in his late 40s, he is wearing a duster, shirt, pants and hiking boots, in his back there is a back holster containing a Lever Action.45-70 rifle, pined in his shirt is a sheriff badge that is somewhat faded and worn.

Sheriff Mason:“So, you are the one that rescued my deputies, please do come in” he motions for you to enter


"Yes, I picked up some folk in Belfast, and helped the town with a problem they normally would have expected your lads to take care of. While we were resolving the problems, we discovered that the root of them was a PMC calling themselves the MVP’s, a group that had caused similar problems in the town I had been in before that.

We put 2 and 2 together and came up 5 assuming this was a near identical issue, and fearing it would escalate before we get there, we went straight to the area we had been told about. Once we got there we found it to only be a secluded group wanting privacy, but about to escalate things to the same disastrous endgame. Since we were on-site already, we cleared up the miscommunications and got your boys out."


Sheriff Mason:“Yes, Belfast, some scouts send word of some gang attacking them, but we have our hands full, it seems like all manner of shitstorm decided to sweep through the region, hordes moving close to settlements, raiders getting riled up, monsters sightings, all suddenly deciding to show up one after the other, quite the coincidence hmm?” he moves to his cabinet opens it and pours two glasses of whiskey and offers one of the glasses to you “I have heard of these MVP’s as soon as they show up here suddenly life got a lot more complicated, what do you know about them?”


“A strong PMC group that has confiscated all the most advanced, and experimental technology, knowledgeable people, and any other advantageous assets they can get their hands on. The local section is led by a ruthless, heartless beauty of a cyborg thats been dealing addictive mutagens to local warlords in exchange for favors, and weaponry, while the mutagen has been causing the local warlords to come unhinged and destabilize the region.”

(picks up the whiskey as he talks, gives it a sniff while he stirs the glass by rotating the bottom and holding the top in place, hand palm down over top of it, then sets it back down dipping his pinky into it and raising it to his mouth all in the same motion touching it to his tongue as he continues)

If I were a betting man, I’d say they plan a hostile takeover of the whole region, either in a slash and burn fashion once they’ve crippled the regional powers, or in a sort of ‘saviors of the day’ protection racket kind of scheme where everyones so grateful for SOMEONE to be maintaining the peace the civs don’t bother asking many questions.

I imagine theyr’e saving your town for last either because your further from them, and they’d rather not drive through hostile territory to get to you, or because your the strongest force around. Either way, they’ll likely be trying to weaken, or outright attack you before long, and when they come, your best bet is probably going to be to
1: stockpile resources, and weapons where they won’t find them, leaving enough in the normal warehouses and such that they won’t think your holding out
2: decline any trade or gifts from them, gently but firmly,
3: put up token resistance to any large hostility and bend the knee until they are looking the other way.

It’ll hurt your pride, and you’ll likely get a few kicks in the teeth when they make their move, but you’ll be alive and capable of fighting when the timing is better, and we know where they are operating out of, so you’r not playing defensively on the back foot.

But thats just my advice. I havn’t gotten a good enough look at their or your equipment to know for sure if they outclass you regionally, but everything points to you’r being VERY outclassed and out gunned, with any victories you might get being short term, and costing you too much in the long term.

Making friends with any groups you arn’t already that could hit them from behind would be a huge asset as well. The mutant trio being a prime example."

(gulps the whiskey and sets the glass down)


Sheriff Mason: he seems impressed with your knowledge “We are substantially armed and more important, trained than the average survivor faction you see around” he gulps his drink “Many of our own are former police officers and hunters, so if it came to a fight we would use guerrilla tactics, hit and run, ambushes, they would win, sure, but they would pay dearly, and I guess they think this place isn’t worth that… yet” he stands up and looks out his window “so they get us trying to put out fires all over the place, spread us thin, if we turtle up the ‘fires’ pile up and overwhelm us, if spread out and take care of the outline problems the MVPs swoop in and cut a line right to our heart” he sighs heavily and turns to you “We are in a bad spot stranger, we more man power or everything will fall apart, you and your group look pretty capable and you already helped my men so, if you are willing I would like to hire you, there are some ‘fires’ that still need putting out, also I have an idea to strengthen our position a bit” he waits for your response