Adventures of the Catawastes


i still don’t like 'em


echoed in the dark

Helena:“why did you say that?”

Momotaro:“I didn’t say anything”

??? 2:“wait, where did that voice come from?”

??? 1:"… this place might be actually haunted…"

Everyone: “…”

??? 1: “any way, yeah we have two of them”

??? 2: “quiet!”

??? 1:“someone was going to find out eventually”

??? 2: to the party “why do you care?”


We want to make sure no one does anything they can’t take back. Thats all, were coming in shouting down a cave its getting a bit annoying and impersonal


??? 3:growling

??? 1:“well?”

??? 2:"…Fine come down the ladder, but don’t try anything!"


Lit laughs in disarmingly friendly manner as he climbs down the ladder
"If I wished you harm there would be a lot of easier ways to accomplish that then making myself a vulnerable target just to talk face to face."


the other member of the party follow Litppunk

once the party climbs down the ladder they find themselves in another tunnel this one is illuminated much better and is much larger than the entrance about 10mX10m, there are some side rooms, the place looks pretty well furnished with a table, some chairs, wall posters, a fridge and even a couch and a houseplant.

Before the party there are three mutants, one is the wolf like one of the pictures he is dressed in jeans, a hoodie, sneakers and has a holstered tazer pistol, the second is a feathered lizard like woman with long talons, she is wearing a robe and is wielding a SKS, the third looks like a human but its arms are incredibly long and end in huge claws bigger than your forearm, his jaw is also incredibly large and disjointed he probably can’t even close his mouth with the way he is, he is wearing pants and shoes and nothing else.

??? 1: he waves “Hi! I’m Ian that is Karen” he points to the lizard mutant “and that is Billy” he points to the long armed humanoid

Karen: “You are being overly friendly…”

Billy: growls

Momotaro: waves back “Hi, I’m Momotaro but feel free to call me Momo, she is Helena” points to Helena “and he is Littpunk” points to Littpunk “and together we are the three amigos!”

Ian: laughs nervously “so how can we help?”


leans against the wall
"Well, we’ve been tracking down powerful PMC that have been trading very addictive mutagen to faction leaders and throwing this whole region into disarray. We were in Belfast, and there were concerns that the tin stars were too occupied with their own problem to help the people of Belfast. When we also heard of strange events in this location we figured we should hurry over before something irreversible happened."

As I am not from the area, I would consider myself reasonably impartial, and would like to know what started the problems between you and the tin stars, and if it might be connected to the attacks that have been occurring elsewhere.

My current assumption is that the PMC in question stirred up trouble in this area as well, and left you and the tin stars to blame on another, but I’d like to hear what the actual problem is from both your group" Litppunk says gesturing to the three morphs "and your tin star prisoners, then I would like to mediate a truce between you that both parties can be happy with.

“after that I’d like to trade with anyone thats willing to offload unneeded or unwanted items, or needs anything themselves.”


Ian:“Well, there is no problem between us and them per see but-”

Karen:“I saw them shoot mutants down without even blinking!”

Ian:“You don’t know why though, they could have been criminals!”

Karen:“Like they need a reason to kill monsters, look at us!”

Ian:“Not everyone hates mutants you know…”


Karen looks angry, but there is sadness in her eyes, Billy on the other hand looks completely exhausted even in his disfigured face the black circles around his eyes are apparent, Ian sighs and scratches his head with a frustrated expression

Ian: turns to Litppunk “Look, why don’t you talk with the Tin Stars we caught?, maybe then you will be able to convince my friends that they are not the bad guys, they are over there” he points to a doorless side room


"Sounds good, lets see if we can get to the bottom of this before it becomes an actual problem."
Lit is all smiles and practically skips over to where the tin stars are


entering the room you can see two men sitting on the floor with their hands and legs bound by ropes, they wear dusters, pants and boots each of them has a small star shaped badge pinned to their duster that reads “deputy”, when they see you enter the room they start smiling.

Tin Star 1: “Well, finally someone new! I was getting kinda tired of seeing the same people!”

Tin Star 2: “So, did the sheriff told you guys to come here for us or did you just stumble into this mess?”


“Eh, we heard you guys were too busy with your own problems to help your neighbors out, so we figured we’d help get this whole mess straightened out. What are you guys doing here?”


Tin Star 1:“we came here because people were coming to the sheriff with news of a place with displayed heads and other shit like that”

Tin Star 2:“but, when we got here we found out the heads were fake, so we went inside the mine to find out why would someone do this kind of crap”

Tin Star 1:“then those muties there took us by surprise and here we are!”

Tin Star 2:“They are convinced that we are here to exterminate them, as if we give a damn how they look, we are law men someone causes trouble we put them under six feet of dirt, if you don’t cause trouble we leave you alone, we don’t care what you do or what you are!”

Tin Star 1:“of course, if they keep us here any longer the others will wonder why we haven’t reported back and come here, and if they find out they have been keepings us prisoner like this then they really will be put down”

Tin Star 2:“So, you think you can talk them into letting us go before we all end up dead?”


“Bah can’t have people going to such extremes over nothing.” (cuts their bonds) “so just go shake their hands look them in the eyes an let them know that you don’t see anything that you feel threatens the people of your town.”


The two of them get up and walk to the out of the room

Karen:“What?, you let them go!?”

Tin Star 1:“look like we said already we don’t kill without reason and there is no reason to kill any of you”

Tin Star 2: under his breath “even if you are a group of assholes that capture people for no reason”

Ian: “see?, we can all get along”

Karen:“but, what if they come back for revenge?”

Tin Star 2:“Look, we report to HQ, wherever we go so our friends know we came here and so far we haven’t reported, if you guys keep us here or even kill us won’t matter because they will come to check on us and when a patrol goes missing we send a combat force as a precaution”

Ian:“So, we can either take their word that they won’t trouble us and they might retaliate or we don’t and they definitely will come for us”

Helena:“I know it doesn’t mean much from strangers, but the Tin Stars really only go after trouble makers and monsters”

Karen: sighs “I guess we don’t have a choice… you guys can go”

Tin Star 1:“so, where is our stuff?”

Ian: “we hid your car back in the forest, just follow the tire tracks, and the things you had on you are in the locker over there” he points to another doorless room, this one full of lockers

Tin Star 2:“Well then, let’s hope our next meeting is more pleasant”

the tins stars begin gathering their equipment and are preparing to leave

Momotaro:“Quest complete!!.. I guess”

(you know I just watched a video a few hours ago about how in movies they always cut the rope rather than untie the knot and you never see the guy who made the rope go “hey!, why did you cut my rope?, I spent hours making that!” then I saw how you freed them XD)


( well its more badass to think about it that way, but it would probably look better in real life to actually untie it, decent ropes tend not to cut well, I didn’t even think twice about it. I guess holly wood just has me trained too well XD)

"I know several of you have heard me mention this but I want to make sure it sticks. There is a PMC trading group that is working in the area, any offer they give you is likely to come at terrible cost, probably the loss of your mind and you going berserk on all your friends, so if you get any offers from them, turn them down however seems most appropriate, and ask them to leave. Don’t put up a fight if you can avoid it without outside help, they are very well equipped and if they take a disliking to you they could smash you like bugs.

Now then, we bypassed town to make sure nothing happened before we got here, so we’ll follow ya’ll back in." Lit gestures to the tin stars


Ian:“Don’t worry about us, as you saw we just avoid people in general”

Tin Star 1: after Litppunk’s comment about following them “Fine by me, you know you really made a good first impression what with coming to our rescue, sheriff Mason always likes to hear about people sticking out for each other”

The Tin Stars head outside Tin Star 2 runs off into the woods after spoting tire marks, then after the sound of an engine turning on he shows up driving a modified beetle car, the car has steel plating welded to it, the windows replacede with slits where one could poke a rifle through and it has off road tires.

Tin Star 2:“Anyway, thanks a bunch for helping us!, if you just follow us I will buy you guys a drink on the saloon”

the other Tin Star hops in the Bettle, they are ready to leave, when you are ready they will go to Sprague and the party will follow them in the RV.


looking at the morphs “before we go are there any supplies you guys need, or want to trade away? We will probably be back through here, but it depends on what we hear in town. We may need to head out another direction.”


Karen:“We have everything we need… but thank you”


“allright, bat signal or something if ya need us, should be fairly local for a bit, might need some help ourselves later.”


The party embarks on the RV and begins following the Tin Stars as soon as they depart, soon reaching Sprague, it seems that it used to be a very small place before the cataclysm however, now it has several wooden buildings constructed around the place, there are a few notable locations, a garage, a fire station that has a Tin Star banner on it, a wooden building that reads “Saloon”, another that reads “Merry Gale’s O’l Shope” and a few residences many of the pre cataclysm buildings have solar panels on their roof.

Around the town’s perimeter there are wooden towers with Tin Stars on the look out, there is an open field with many vehicles parked with a big sign that says “Parking Lot” there are small vegetable gardens around the outlying residences with a water well or two, as for the residents, the people walking around seem fairly content and numerous, there must have about 40 to 50 people living here.

The Tin Stars park their car in the Parking lot and hop out

Tin Star 1:“Well, here we are! we are going to report to the sheriff” he points to the fire station “but, feel free to go where you want, we will be sure to mention you guys to the sheriff so your ‘good deeds can go rewarded’ and things like that”

With that, they head for the Fire Station, the party is standing in the parking lot, a large tall sign that says “Keep our gun in your pocket or be buried with it!” looms over the place.