Adventures of the Catawastes


Jane:nods “Okay I will”

Momotaro, Helena and Litppunk step out of the RV and begin searching the area

Approaching the office you can see that the spikes look new and there is no blood on them, in the office there is a single office chair in front of a desk the room and all furniture in it are completely clean not a speck of dust anywhere… in fact it looks like the table was polished recently, there are three drawers on the desk.

(you can examine objects more closely)


"Why does it look like everything is taken care of so well? ask questions first, shoot second if you can."
Lit starts looking for clues, checking his tablet cams from the rv from time to time


examining the drawers on the desk: the top drawer has random snacks, small chocolates, a bag of marshmallows and energy drinks, the middle drawer contains papers with doodles and sketches in them, they seem random, some are landscapes other popular character from comics or television, the art is middle of the road not good nor bad, the bottom drawer contains a laptop, it is closed.

Helena: flicks the switch near the door and the lights in the office turn on “… this place has power?”

Momotaro: he examines the foot prints “These look very fresh…” he then examines the heads… after a bit he pulls one from a spike “here catch!” he then throws it to Helena

Helena: she catches it “What the hell Taro!?!.. wait…” she then examines the head in her hands “… this is fake?”

Momotaro:“No wonder there is no smell of rot, there is nothing dead here”

all the heads on spikes look like props and the ones on the trees are mannequin heads


“So we are dealing with someone thats trying to ward away unwanted visitors, probably human. We’ll have to apologize for intruding when we meet them I guess.”

looks at the laptop


Upon opening the laptop a word document is visible on the screen, apparently someone was working on a “SonicXRenamon” fanfic, the writing is incredibly detailed… unfortunately, the story is about the two of them going to a fertility clinic, the eldritch writing before you gnaws at your mind and you can feel your soul fester as the words on screen pour over your eyes, the words seem to distort and dance as your mind tries in vain to fight the horror laid out before you! {Make a sanity check}

Helena: {Check successful!} she turns away from the laptop and stares at her own feet “I saw nothing” she mutter to herself

Momotaro: {Check failed} he falls to his knees and shouts while covering his eyes “WHY!!!” he retches but his stomach is empty

aside from that there is a PS2 emulator, a folder that reads “writing material” and some shortcuts to some games that are installed in it: ADOM, Elona, Doom 1&2, Doom 3, Doom [2016].

that is the content on the of the laptop’s desktop there could be more, check further? [Y/N]


Hmm. I have to wonder If that doc being open was an intentional way to drive people away from looking into this computer more closely. check file names and most frequently opened docs for consistency with just being a nerd/geek and probable furry.

“whoever lives here may be a morph, probably a full one. No telling how far, but still intelligent, probably just a loner that enjoys their privacy. Lets see if we can meet them before we leave. I’d like to see if we can confirm that they are eccentric but relatively harmless before we help the townspeople.”


on the computer’s list of frequently opened documents, there are the following: “My diary” “Renamon’s chains” "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, " “Mutant anatomy garbage” “SICP” “The Gun Owner’s Handbook” “untitled” -[this is the document that was displayed on screen] and “DON’T READ THIS!!”

most of the file names indicate that there are many different types of software such as image editing programs, media players, audio editors, and many games.

for images there is the smut you would expect from the owner of that fanfic, but also several pictures that while also depicting an anthropomorphised animal [in clothes this time] these ones look very realistic and some even show this mine’s exterior [sans spikes and heads] the creature in these pictures is a wolf like creature just hanging around.


“Ok. They are a wolf, specifically this one.” shows picture He appears to not have taken on any feral qualities. Though if he has, that might be the reason for the smoke and mirrors, to prevent killing innocents. If we have to fight him try to use non-lethal means"

Skims diary for anything about the reason for being all the way out here, or the contents of “DON’T READ THIS”

"My Diary"

the “My Diary” document contains entries that date a few years before the cataclysm, they are hardly noteworthy as they describe a typical person from that time, the writing stops a few days before the cataclysm and then continues 21 days after it, in those entries the author seems completely panicked and seems to think his death is inevitable, however, after a few days he seems to meet with two “mutants” who apparently came from some kind of lab, the author seems in awe of them particularly the one called Karen who he describes as “gorgeous”, the entries then proceed to describe their day to day survival, at one point the author found some mutagen and used on himself, he then describes how happy he is with his new form, though he is a bit saddened that Karen nor the other mutant, who he calls “Billy” don’t seem to approve of his choice, a few entries latter they found the very mine the party stands before and decided that because it’s a remote place and the abundance of food from the forest they decided to live here, later they describe hiding in the mines as armed people in cars explore the exterior, when Billy made growling noises they left, this gave Karen an idea, the entries, then explain how they set up the decorations you see around you and some hidden cameras on the road were the author monitors any passer by and how when they notice someone approach, they hide and turn the speakers on “spooky noises mode” and how that drives people away, then a few days from the present day the author expresses concern over how 2 Tin Stars were captured by them when they decided to explore the mine, the author fears retribution from them and thinks Karen was hasty in their decision and is trying to think of a way to persuade her, the entry dated today is short as it describes a large armored RV approaching and how he hopes they are not Tin Stars here to look for their friends, that is the final entire on the diary.


The DON’T READ THIS file is apparently a love letter to someone named “Karen” the writing is rather poor and gets self depreciating often, the author describes in great detail all the virtues of Karen and how he feels like a part of himself was missing before he met her and how he finds her the most beautiful creature he ever met even if she thinks the opposite, the “letter” is quite long and a bit meandering and is in need of proofreading, at the end the author put a note cursing anyone who is not himself or Karen if they read this.


“well he certainly wasn’t a threat, though love lost might have made him a bit off balance in more recent times. should be safe enough to talk too though, lets stop our trespassing now.”

Radios Jane: “we’re coming out Jane, thanks for keeping an eye on us.”


Jane:over the radio “Roger captain!”

Helena:“So these guys captured members of the Tin Stars and they haven’t checked on their missing guys?”

Momotaro:“Maybe they are swamped with work…?”

Helena:to Litppunk “what do you think?”


I don’t see why they would capture tin stars, they should have no reason to unless the tin stars were harassing them, or they felt threatened. Lets check around for any captive tin stars, maybe in the cave, but I hope we don’t or I will be more disappointed in their decision making then I care to admit.


aside from what you already saw there is nothing noteworthy about the outside of the mine so natuarly the party heads inside

the inside of the mine is dimly lit by sparse lights hanging from the walls, the wailing sound is coming from the upper parts of the walls, there is an elevator to the side its emergency light is on, down the tunnel a ladder going down can be seen.

Helena: whispering “should we sneak there or just announce ourselves?”


I guess we should announce ourselves. Anyone need to grab more equipment before we head in any further?


Helena:pats her holstered SIG Sauer “I’m good”

Momotaro: kisses his biceps “Me too”


ok. lets go. “Hey, anyone in here? We are coming in, we mean you no harm, just need to talk!”


the wailing stops, the party can hear voices coming from deep in the tunnel.

??? 1:"…what do we do?"


??? 3: growling noises

??? 1:“I don’t think that is much of a threat to the guys with a laser cannon on their car”

??? 2:“We can’t trust them!”

??? 1:“maybe, but we can’t fight off the whole world you know, we need friends!”

??? 3: growling

??? 2:“but-”

??? 1:“Look, I know you guys have bad memories of strangers in the past, but you trusted me and that worked out!, so… lets give them a chance… please?”

??? 3:"…"

??? 2: “… What do you want?


We wanted to know what your intentions are. Theres been a lot of trouble in the region, and we wanted to make sure nothing was getting out of hand with your group. You wouldn’t happen to have any of the tin stars in there with you would you?


school has given me PTSD against books so… am not gonna read this


(XD school books are the worst selections given the setting and available resources. You shouldn’t judge anything off them)