Adventures of the Catawastes


Lit slowly moves his hand into a face palm position.

“You enjoying being clean again?”


Helena: she faces Litppunk without even making eye contact with Momotaro “Yeah, it’s a nice change from the usual, I can’t remember the last time I had a hot bath!, ah!, Jane is just drying up and changing inside she should be done in a minute then you points to Litppunk can go and then everyone will be done”

Momotaro:“what about me?”

Helena: cocks her head and raises an eyebrow “huh? I could swear I heard the sound of waste being dumped into the ground, how odd, anyway, did I miss anything?”


Nah, just bonding. Looks at momo, though after that comment, I’m beginning to think I should get into the habit of hitting him more instead.

Frowns for a moment then does a ‘Gibs head slap’ to momo. (a casual upercut slap to the back of the head, often while walking by, usually used to inform someone they are being a dumb-ass|| See also: Percussive maintenance)

Ok. I feel better.

looks at Helena I recommend it. It feels much more effective and therapeutic than silent treatments and timeouts.


Helena:“Hmm, maybe I will do that”

Jane: she walks out of the RV “I’m done!” she then sees Momo and Litppunk “Ah!, Thank you mister for letting us use your bath!”

Momotaro: to Littpunk “So tell me want to make this official?”

Helena: looks puzzeled “Make what official?”

Momotaro:“our alliance, of course!, our esteemed host is a capable individual with many resources, but he is just one, we could help each other out, you” points to Helena “are good at sneaking and has a decent aim, I” points to himself “am good at being me! and you” points to Jane “are moral support”

Jane:“Hey!” she pouts a bit

Momotaro:“So, what say you, do you want to create the most powerful alliance of truth, justice and LOVE THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!?!?!” Momotaro is basically on fire with how much energy he is putting into his words

(It took me a while for me to know what is a “Gibs head slap” but then I realised you were making a reference to NCIS and then I knew exactly what you meant: laughing:)


“Well these two are a shoe in.” Lit says indicating Jane and Helena. "But…"
Lit pauses looking at Momo making sucking noises though his teeth wwwwwwweeeeeellllllllllllll I have trouble finding your usefulness.

while he says all this he has a friendly mischief look plastered on his face
"what do you guys think?" ticks of in his fingers
"Jane will be useful reloading during firefights, moral support, climbing through air ducts to unlock doors from inside, and being an adorable super spy that the enemy will never suspect. The ULTIMATE surprise tactic.

Helena is a capable marksman and survivalist and stealthy to boot.

What does Momo even have to offer? I mean, last I heard swords were out of style in the apocalypse, and I think samurai Armour was the fashion last nuclear winter, pretty sure its the military/ PMC look this deep winter."


Jane: looks happy at Lit’s comment “Yeah!, I’m way better than Momo!”

Momotaro: makes hurt puppy noises

Helena: Chuckles “yeah he is kinda useless isn’t he” she says with a look that matches Litppunk’s “I mean, he is good at getting people to shoot at him instead of us”

Momotaro:“That’s right!, I’m a fantastic target!” whispers to himself “… is that a good thing?”

Helena: “and he could always be the team pet”

Momotaro: huffs “I will have you three know that I am a sword master and under the proper conditions I can cut bullets in half mid flight!”

Helena: shrugs, Jane mimics her “Ah well, I would feel bad if we abandoned him like this, if nothing else he can carry the heavy stuff”

Momotaro: in an exaggerated sorrowful tone “woe is me, my true companions think so little of me!” mock sob

Jane: aproaches Momotaro and pats his arm “there there”


“Well now that momo is properly deflated and less likely to punch holes in my armored roof I think we can take our turns at the shower. You want first or second round getting clean?”


Momotaro: “you may go first, in fact, I will probably just take a quick bath in the river”

Helena: “… its mid spring… the river water is probably super cold”

Momotaro: “My burning desire for justice and peace will keep me warm!!”

Jane: “then why didn’t you go already?, you were at the lake weren’t you?”

Momotaro: shuffles a bit "Because Litppunk was watching… (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ "

Helena: “Since when are you shy!?”


Lit heads in and takes a shower. Throwing “The anime is strong with this one” over his shoulder as he goes.


Momotaro: “Indeed!” he runs toward the lake

Helena: “…its like he gets wierder evry time he opens his mouth…”

(it will just be down time for now, if there is nothing you wish to talk with them I will move to the next day remember you can still claim as much preserved meat as you can carry from Belfast)


After the shower Lit talks to the towns people getting a better idea for their opinions and thoughts on things in the area including asking vague questions about the MVP’s to a few folks in larger groups, while they are preoccupied with other tasks…like drinking.

usually with round-about questions like: Heard these crazy stories of these high tech thugs… etc… have you guys heard anything about a group like that? Have they been this way? Just crazy trader stories right? As well as questions about a cyborg lady.

He then loads up on all the preserved meat he can pack away into storage barrels and the like so they remain fresh and sealed away.


Belfast Villager A: “well, there are those wierdos that come through here in that really ugly armored car, they don’t stop here though just goes straight to Mount Desert”

Belfast Villager B: burps “High tech tugs?, where did you hear such bullshit?, if there were guys like that around the Tin Stars would have told us about it… though they haven’t been here lately…”

Belfast Sniper: “We usually don’t meet any sort of people unless they are here to trade, though all sorts pass through here going either west toward Sprague and the rest are going to Mount Desert or where ever that other road takes you”

Belfast Villager C: “if you want to know the lay of the land, you should head to Sprague, talk to the sheriff or go to the salon, it’s where I would go anyway”

Belfast Villager D: “Well, things are usually pretty stable around here, but, I heard from a Tin Star patrol that some spooky shit had been going on the mine by the forest, the one northwest of here, things like wailings and heads hanging from the trees… I don’t know if it’s true but I won’t be going there to find out!”

The Former Hostage Woman: “well… some people in Deblois might know about such rumors, they travel a lot going from that ranch of their, sometimes they stop here and trade some vegetables for some fish or leather and while I have the chance, thank you so much for saving me and Tom!, I’m really sorry that I can’t help you more”

Belfast Villager E: he is singing the national anthem of Scotland… he is completely plastered

that is the extent of your rumor gathering, Momo returned later is his usual armor, shivering, as he passes Litppunk by he gives him a shaky thumbs up and heads inside the RV


As Lit get in the vehicle:

So probably nothing, but someone mentioned some heads hanging from the trees or something something monsters to the North East. You guys wana check it out before we move on to see whats up with the tin stars?


Helena:“Well Sprague, the place where the Tin Stars headquarters is is right on the way, if we follow the road, but, its your car so its your call”

Momotaro:“look to your heart for the answer to all questions!”



(where are we talking about? its all river in that direction.)


Well Its not too far out of the way, and may even be connected to some of the regional troubles. Lets kill some monsters or something!! :smiley:


Helena:"Alrighty then!"
The party sets off toward the mines to the north west going off road in a direct line to spare time, on the way there the usual sights of wandering zombies are seen though, in much less number than it used to be, upon entering the main road that leads to the mine, you can see many dolls and strange effigies made of animal skulls and bones hanging from the branches of the trees, a faint wailing sound can be heard in the air coming from the direction of the mine.

Momotaro:"… well this looks friendly…"

Jane: she has a frightened look on her face, Helena puts a hand on her shoulder


(OH I see what you meant, woops, shoulda gone on through sprougue oh well.)

“Well isn’t that just pleasant. definately gatta stop THAT nonsense”


Arriving at the entrance at the mine there are now heads hanging from the trees and some on spikes in front of the mine the wailing is coming directly from the entrance, the exterior walls are clean and the windows of what must have been the mine’s office building are intact, there are some footprints going in and out of the mine, there is no smell of decay coming from any direction.

( you may give orders to the others)


“we’ll park the RV in the open covering the entrance, check the office and surrounding area for anything …ambushy then continue in. Agreed?”

flips on the drone, semi-auto defenses, and the RC bot. Turns to Jane "Now if a bunch of scary monsters or evil things come, I want you to click them on these screens here. OK? But only if they are openly hostile, if they run up and pose and just try to look scary then you watch them and check the other screens ok? If your not sure just ask.