Adventures of the Catawastes


Adventures set three years after the Cataclysm, these are not to be completely serious and can be kinda stupid, it’s just for fun.

for now it’s just a continuation of this:

I’m shy, and new at this, but it’s something I always wanted to try.

Also, I’m not a native English speaker, but I run the texts through a grammar checker, but things could still be worded weirdly.


Ah. That makes sense. I’ll take into consideration the effort and method of your postings when reading then.


[quote=“Litppunk, post:11439, topic:650”](now in the town I assume? The way you wrote it makes me think they remotely opened the garages once I was in the town)
Litppunk climbs the nearest building and continues to fire on the most exposed bandits. Something made easier by the fact that the bandits are now the only ones at munching level for the zombies.

When necessary he uses the other buildings as cover so he can move to a more advantageous roof.[/quote]
only two guards remain outside
(These two are ducking behind the barricades at the front doors)
Guard C:" Why don’t we have guns anymore!?"

Guard D:" Big D sold them to buy more of that mutastuff!"

Guard C:“fuck it!, let’s just make a break for it!”

Guard A emerges from the hotel

Guard A:“He didn’t sell all of them!” brandishes a FN SCAR-H with a drum magazine mod

Guard A:“You can’t abandon Big D yet!, remember when he saved you from that shocker brute? points a Guard D that thing broke his arm and still he just laughed it off when we worried!, and you when that feral hunter bit your leg and it got infected, who chased after hospitals for antibiotics?, Big D did!, So he might be on the down low now but we have to have faith in him!”

Guard C:wipes his teary eyes “…trust in the D!”

Guard D:stands proud and salutes" have faith in the D!"

the three together:" Believe in the D!!"

Guard A begins spraying bullets at Litppunk’s position, the zombies are now drawn to the new source of gunfire, Guard C and D begin covering for A by fending them off


Litppunk ducks back behind the lip of the roof. Hey, that was actually pretty touching.

Tell you what. I’m ganna let you three live. You’ve got loyalty in all the wrong places, but you’ve got loyalty let me talk with the D. sigh so wrong… and i’ll see if we can come to an agreement.


Guard A:" talk with him?.. heh… if it were a few months earlier, he might have listened to you, now he doesn’t care about anything anymore… just when he can get more mutagen, it’s those guys fault…, before they came we were just a small settlement like any other, they convinced him to become partners, at first we just traded normal stuff, spare food, meds, ammo.

Guard D:“then came the mutagen…, they game him some, told him it was a serum to combat the zombie plague, he was always a bit too trusting…”

Guard C:“what those fuckers didn’t tell him was that the stuff was crazy addictive, soon after we started trading everything for more…”

Guard A:“that is when we started the slave trade… we are not proud of it, but we owe him too much, if he can just go back to the way he was then… sign no, if you go in there you will have to kill him or he will kill you, and we won’t let him die!”

Guard A resumes firing his gun, there are about 11 zombies left, but they are closing in on the doors, guard C and D keep fending them off

(they came, its that man’s fault!, oh no that man!, yeah my anime influence is showing)


so. You’ll all let your boss die before you allow me to help with the addiction. Thats a Shame.

(Goons C:D A protecting D. I see what you did there.)


Guard A:clenches his teeth “God dammit!” turns his gun to the remaining zombies and fires

As the last zombie falls the gun clicks empty

Guard A:tosses the SCAR-H to the ground, looks at Litppunk’s position “…do what you want.”

Guard C:“Andrew? what are you doing!?”

Guard D:“Yeah, what the fuck!?, what happened to “Believe in D”?”

Guard Andrew:“Casey, Denis…, Denver is not the same we used to know, there is nothing we can do for him anymore”

Guard Casey:"…no"

Guard Denis:"… fuck every thing" sits on the floor in a defeated position

Guard Andrew:looking at Litppunk"I doubt he will listen to you… and if it comes to a fight, know that he used to be in the army, so he knows how to fight." sits next to Denis and lays a hand on his shoulder

(they get names when they become more than just goons, GET IT!! IM SUCH A GENIOUS!! :stuck_out_tongue: also Holy crap! I am a NPC now, when did that happen?, hurray for me!)


(CDDA) (Casey, Denis, Denver, Andrew) and here we always thought it stood for Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead. :wink:

Denver! This is an intervention! I got some purifier, will help rid you of the cravings. Your friends are worried about you. Come on out, I’m not going to shoot unless you make me.

(NPC is the 100 post mark IIRC)


screaming can be heard from inside the hotel

Denver: “What are you doing Brian!?”

Guard Brian:“I’m stoping you from doing something you will regret!”

Denver:“I said I was going to start chopping fingers of these bitches if he took his time and I KEEP MY WORD!!”

more sounds of struggling

(Ah, I did not notice before now, and no the guards don’t really have theme naming, the major baddies do though!)


Litppunk Runs in and shoots brian in the thigh.

Now then. Lets talk this out like civilized folk.


hotel interior:lobby

A woman in rags cowers in the corner of the room, next to the cleaning closet, her hand is bleeding

Denver stands in the center of the room, a bloody machete in hand, he looks at Brian now on the floor bruised and bleeding from the thigh

Denver:“You shouldn’t have tried to stop me…” looks at Litppunk “so… you are the guy that is trying to screw me over…, you think you can just come here, kill my buddies, ruin my business, AND you have the gall to act like some kind of boy scout or something?, who the fuck do you think you are!?”

(why did you shoot Brian? did my writing make it seem like he was doing something bad?, I tried to convey like he was trying to stop Denver from harming the slaves, I guess I failed…)


(OH oops. I have no idea why I misread the situation. Your writing was clear but I misread the whole situation, for some reason I was thinking that Brian was antsy to start cutting fingers. whoops.)

Boy scout? trying to ruin your buisness? no. I just don’t appreciate people who won’t let others go about a ‘live and let live’ lifestyle. Thats all I really care about here. I havn’t killed anyone that wasn’t either trying to kill me, or just being a raging asshole to those that had done nothing. Hmmm… I guess I can see the confusion…
Anyhow, sounds like you have something of an addiction? You want to keep feeding it or do you want to be rid of it? Because I have the means to do either. Though your… buddies seem to be suffering from your current path, I could get you more in a way that would not cause harm to those around you.

Oh, and my bad brian. Jumped the gun a bit there, but that leg should be fine. was a clean shot, no artery. Youll just want to patch it up and splint it till the muscle repairs itself. litppunk akwardly rubs his neck for a second.

Litppunk plops down sprawled out on the rubble by the door like its a bean bag.

So whats it ganna be? How can I help yall today?


Brian:" Don’t act so casual after you shot someone!, asshole…" Brian crawls a bit away next to the pillar to the NW

Denver:“oh?, you will become my supplier will you?, and I suppose you can match that?” points to the cleaning closet “in there, there is 2 60L drums of mutagen, I get that every other month, I’m expecting delivery today, and they have a fortress and the biggest army left in new England hell maybe the biggest in the world!, so pardon me if I think that your offer is less than… substantial, and that word you used… addiction?, I don’t have an addiction, I HAD an epiphany, those monsters out there they are changing, getting stronger, while we stay the same but, with this gestures to some empty flasks on the floor we can change too, we level the playing field, so no boy I don’t have an addiction, I have a mission and there is no force left in the world that can talk me out of it, so get up!, I would not want you to think I lack sportsmanship!”

Denver assumes a Pentjak Silat stance and puts his left hand inside his coat


he is wearing a Leather trench coat, leather pants, armored leather gloves and a gas mask.
He has Spines protruding from his body and hooves for feet and wields a machete in his right hand, his left hand is inside his coat, more than that you cannot say

(please include a basic description like the one I did for Denver, but only what he should be able to see, so I can make him behave more intelligently well, as intelligently as I can make him :P, and don’t worry about Brian, I actually kinda like it, brings a bit of humor to the whole thing)


Good. Because if you were addicted and unwilling to face the damage it is causing I would have to kill you. From what I have heard so far those you trade with are the real problem. So here is what I am going to do.

I’ll give you enough supplies to trade for this months mutagen, match how much mutagen they give you, then tail these suppliers of yours back to their base and wipe out anyone I don’t like.

While I’m doing so I’ll send any recruits, refugees, and ex slaves I find, your way. In return any time I pass through you supply me with whatever reasonable needs I have in trade, and any reasonable requirements I have in an emergency against my initial supplies to you.

My only condition is that the slave trading stops. No slaves, no forced labor, none of it. Everyone gets to make their own decisions. You can work it out however you want to, but if I see people wanting to leave not being allowed to, I come back and shoot the place up again.

Anyone that wants to leave is allowed a days worth of water, and any tools or weapons they have made themselves in their spare time. Anyone that comes in and doesn’t want to stay gets to leave unmolested.


Baseball cap,
hoodie (hood down)
camo cargo shorts
socks and running shoes
runner backpack next to him with the zipper halfway unzipped

DMR with low profile scope
.357 on left hip
throwing knives on right hip[/spoiler]

(Brian crawls to the NE? I would think he would be near the SW where he was near the NPC woman)


Denver:“Heh… sorry but they only want slaves… so with his left hand, he quickly tosses a smoke grenade in the room NO DEAL!”

Denver dashes and takes cover behind the pillar in the north east and starts digging into his coat

{The room is now filling with thick smoke, it is now harder to see}

{the feint sound of a vehicle can be heard in the distance}

(Oops, I forgot to mention Brian’s position, see him and Denver were fighting in the center of the room, which I mentioned as where Denver was but forgot to say that was also where Brian was, and when I said “Brian crawls to the NE” I meant North West, but I screwed up!, I even thought “If I say to the pillar on the upper left, but whose left? I know! I will use cardinal directions, then Lippunk will assume to use the map!” sorry I should have checked, I will edit that, so Just know Brian is in the North West pillar the one that does not have rubble near it. also don’t worry about the vehicle its just set up for later it won’t come into play untill after)


Well Brian. Looks like your in charge after I finish with your boss here. Well work out the details in a sec.

(litppunk slips back outside and into the second story where he circles around to the staircase keeping out of sight.)


The hotel has Four floors counting the lobby.

{smoke has covered the lobby}

Denver stores the machete in his inventory, he pulls a M79 launcher

Denver: he…heHAHa! fires a concussive round at the ceiling of the second floor


(how did he know I went to the 2nd floor? I thought the smoke covered my escape out front, was their creaking upstairs?)

Litppunk waits by the stairs, ready to run if Denver should realize his position. And apreciates the large pile of debris and dust that further obscures the 1st floor. Then contemplates how useful it will be to be able to fire at Denver from the ceiling. He’ll make his move soon enough.


(ever walked inside a mostly empty building?, your footsteps echoed)

Denver:“Come out!”

Denver reloads the M79 launcher with a 40mm frag

a serious cough is heard from the northwest, followed by the slave girl running out of the building

Denver:“all right then”

sounds of hooves moving toward the northwest stair, they follow along the wall


(ah good figured it was something like that, but I was worried it might be some mutation of his that had given me away.)

Litppunk creeps back up to the new hole in the ceiling/floor being careful not to make any more noise than the creaking of the stressed wood is already making. He gets ready fire for Denvers head soon as he can see its silhouette in the dust. Then jump clear of any rocket headed his way.