A well deserved surgery to the mod Modular Turrets mod

Modular Turrets and Salvaged Robots mods are quite interesting and played mods on the CDDA player base community but both mods already are old and have more than a handful of errors in it. So I decide to adopt both mods and give them a well-deserved surgery to make them as compatible as possible with the most recent update on the vanilla turrets, cutting a lot of the original content, updating the recipes and bug-fixing some issues with dummy items.

So here it’s your new and renovated (OLD) Modular Turrets Remake V 0.1 mod to your enjoyment. It only adds the shotgun turret, flamethrower turret and railgun turret. The recipes are in the books “Robots for Fun and Profit” and the “Lab Journal-Herrera”.

Future content will be added over time and if you have some ideas for others turrets comment it and I will notice you if I’ll take your idea.

UPDATE: I finally fix a strange bug that made turrets to only shot in semi automatic mode making impossible to add a new turret, the nail turret. Here’s the Modular Turrets Remake V 0.1.5 and now I’ll be working on the next mod, Civilian Salvaged Robots.

PS: My native language it’s not english and sometimes I feel that I did some mistakes in spelling some words or how to build a sentence also I’m not a trained programmer more like a enthusiastic of modding, so if you find a error on my mod or this post tell me. I’ll be grateful to you.


Been playing with baseline MT mod, and with (not so)recent nerf of EMP grenades it became pretty much impossible to free prototype cyborgs with this mod active. The reason is, if formerly you could scramblenade them, now you can’t because there are no emp grenades to turn into scrambler ones, and the only other thing that could safely “turn them off” was, and still is, a control laptop. Sadly, it is blacklisted in the MT.
Now, I understand it was probably done because the mod idea was to make turrets more dangerous to tackle while at the same time giving more rewards and/or flexibility to those who could actually do it. I’m not for just removing it from blacklist, thus restoring it in its current form. But as the control laptop is the thing made exclusively to work with turrets, robots and cyborgs, i.e. it doesn’t affect anything outside scope of the mod, maybe it’d be worth looking at it and changing how it works?
-any hack attempt take multiple turns (based on computer/electronics skills, maybe?)
-need direct LoS between player and hacked object during all that time
-only work at extremely short range, like 5 tiles
There, now you can’t hack the heck out of turrets and bots behind walls but still can save your future workforcepack mulesfriends from evil government labs.
I guess it would take quite a change to the code of CL on C++ side though. Just something to think about.


Interesting idea but the work I done so far for the MT and SR mods is basically fix problems, update recipes and cut all the repeated content. I’m pretty much a begginer in programmation of C++ and thus, doing that sort of unique coding to add new mechanics of hacking is beyond.

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Im going to be completly honest, ill play test more. im going to add compatiblity with other mods to this see if it works. i have yet to find robogun you mentioned, ill keep playing with this mod activated and get back to you when i encounter what you memtioned.
edit: currently isnt compatible with salvaged robots but this is due to salvaged robots not your mod

Why were EMP grenades removed in the first place from craft? (or so it seems)

Stands to reason, if I can use a strong enough power source that is portable. I could make an EMP grenade. Changing the recipe makes more sense than not being able to craft them altogether. :man_shrugging:

There’s an EMP bomb recipe now but it uses component so rare the recipe might as well have been removed from the game. AFAIK this shit is only sold (rarely) in Hub01… where you could buy EMP grenades almost always anyway, so why bother.
e: oh, almost forgot. The reason was, as always, “realism”.


The foremost reason was game balance, EMP grenades trivialized robotic enemies and were beyond trivial to make. Now, the recipe makes more sense, and is harder. The rarity of the FCG (only spawns in Labs) is regrettable, but I’m not sure where else it could really spawn that would make sense.

But we should still be able to craft them is the point. Making the components spawn in rare locales is reasonable. It is feasible if even following a realism logic. We have any number of power source to attribute the logic of crafting such items. Coupled with the idea that other people are capable of crafting them. It should simply have a lesser effect if crafted. The radius should be smaller and the effect should be more damage based instead of complete destruction of the robot in question.

Say…3 tile radius and that would imply you better throw accurately. Thus; Rare components and lesser effect than traded lab crafted better quality emp grenades. There is yer logic and realism. Done. Please feel free to harp this point to the devs.

Where? You basically said “you should be able to craft them and it should work like this.” But you didn’t supply any logic or real-world evidence as to why or how.


He was responding to this

Note how there was not a single word in that post about EMP grenade “patch” being related to RL, just that they were breaking game balance. So he proposed a change which should balance them without effectively removing them.

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Ah, I must have skimmed over that here, my bad. I did read the github discussion, which seemed to me to be more focused on the fact that EMP, and especially scrambler, grenades appear to be pure sci-fi and to have no real-world analogue, which sets them apart from the new EMP bomb.