A explication of what I'm planning to do in the remake for the Salvaged Robots Remake

Sorry beforehand if my english isn’t clear enough or my sentences are built badly, it’s not my native language.

So after a couple of days of hellish hot summer where I’m living finally the temperature went down to a much more comfortable degree and I decided to start working on the remake of the Salvaged Robots mod to make it compatible with the most recent version of CDDA or at least with the recent robot overhaul.

I already did a remake for the mod Modular Turrets in this post and it was relative easy, of course it cost a lot of the original content to be cut down and its relative small in comparison but the original version has a lot of bugs related to overrides of a long list of uncraft recipes and now CDDA itself has the recipes to craft turrets and man hacks, including laser turrets and mininuke hacks. Also there’s a lot of dummy items to be fix, repeated content such as the man hacks variations, and things so absurd as the infamous the man hack recipe that use a broken man hack or an inactive man hack. There’s a version 0.2 of the Modular Turrets Remake that adds new turrets in the way but for now I’ll clarify some things what road will follow the Salvaged Robots remake mod.

For the moment I’m cutting content and making small mods to categorize the content of the mods and generally organizing information about the mods that could be useful in a later stage of the development were I’ll add more unique content. So right now I’m basically building the foundations of what the Salvaged Robots will be.

My idea for the Salvaged Robots remake is to make different mods that adds certain type of robotic related content in the world of the player instead of having just 2 mods that have an enormous amount of content that the player wouldn’t even bother and just make what is useful. For example, a Civilian Salvaged Robots mod would have only the content of civilian robots such as the butler-bot and others with the possibility to reprogram ai cores to build the assassin-bot, a melee combat capable robot with a tanto, fast and well skilled in combat and evading but fragile, a construction bot could be further reinforce with steel plating and use a reprogrammed ai core to use a welded hammer in one of his arms and modified the nail gun to a nail gun rifle. Another mod could be related for high tech robots to allow the player the crafting of burning eyebot, a eyebot modified with a laser gun and an advanced ups to generate energy for the laser gun through the use of plutonium cells. And another mod could be Scrap Robots, a more post-apocalyptic-ish mod with makeshift robots that do very basic things like an autonomous shopping cart built from a camera to watch the player and others electronics and a good understanding of programming, electronics and fabrication to create a shopping that follows you and can hold as much as a shopping cart does. The point is to give the player what content it prefers, if all, well you can, if only the player want a more survivor experience but related with technology and robotics, there’s the Scrap Robots and the Civilian Salvaged Robots.

Also some robots such as the butler-bot would have functions to hold a bag like a backpack and carry your items and following/stop you without the need of a control laptop so there’s a big benefit for just using regular robots.

But now let’s talk about the tank drone in the room: Military robots, there’s a huge amount of combat focused humanoid robots (I think there’s at least 1 per bullet type) and there’s already some combat robots in CDDA so there’s content that overlaps but those are completely different items and monsters but the function itself is repeated, it doesn’t compromise the mod compatibility but it’s kinda redundant knowing what content already has CDDA. So I have 2 question about this topic:

  1. Do you want the military robots content in a different mod to allow the spawn of those robots in military buildings?

  2. If so, do you want to be only monsters that drops ammo that you have to hack to have one or do you prefer to be craftable with a really rare book found in military bunkers?


First, image interpretation is not exactly trivial. Especially since we’re talking about makeshift components.

Second, you can have the design be much simpler and energy-efficient. Just make a transmitter (beacon) and receiver pair and place one part on the cart and have another stay with the player’s character. I think the best way would be to have the cart have the transmitter since the cart would need a power source for its engine anyway, and the PC to have a receiver with some kind of passive (non-powered) contraption to bounce the (probably modified) signal back to the source. This way the PC only needs to flip a switch to complete or break the circuit in their part of the system.
And while it’s true that the cart would be constantly broadcasting and thus wasting power, with large enough broadcast intervals and even the weakest solar panel available today the design should work.